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Significant Criminal Cases and Charging Documents

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Manhattan Bagel

US v. Allan Boren and Eric Cano
     First Superseding Indictment

Maryland Retirement and Pension System

US v. Nathan Chapman
     Second Superseding Indictment


US v. Albert J. Bergonzi and Jay P. Gilbertson
     Superseding Indictment
US v. Albert J. Bergonzi, Charles W. McCall, Jay Lapine
     Second Superseding Indictment

Media Vision

US v. Paul Jain, Steven Allan
     Superseding Indictment


US v. Lawrence P. Marasco
US v. Joseph A. Sanpietro
US v. Vincent J. Sanpietro
US v. Laurence M. Simon

Mercury Finance

US v. Bradley Vallem

Merrill Lynch

(also see related cases Arthur Andersen, CIBC, Enron)

US Department of Justice Enron Task Force and Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
     Settlement Agreement

Micrus Corporation

US Department of Justice Department of Justice, Criminal Division and Micrus Corporation
     Deferred Prosecution Agreement

Monsanto Company

US Department of Justice Department of Justice, Criminal Division and Monsanto Company
     Deferred Prosecution Agreement

Mortgage Corporation of America

US v. Patrick D. Quinlan, Sr., Lee P. Wells, John P. O'Leary
     Fourth Superseding Indictment

Motorcar Parts & Accessories

US v. Peter Bromberg
US v. Richard Marks

National Century Financial Enterprises

US v. Sherry L. Gibson

National Environmental Service Company (NESCO)

US v. Eddy Patterson, Judith Patterson

Network Associates

US v. Prabhat Goyal

Network Technologies Group

US v. Beverly Baker, Thomas Bray, Victor Giordani, Jr., Michele A. Tobin


US v. Alexander Mark Remington
US v. Sultan Warris Khan, Asif Mohammad Khan, and Steven Conrad Veen

NextCard, Inc.

US v. Thomas C. Trauger

Nicor Energy

US v. Kevin Stoffer, Andrew Johnson, John Fringer, Michael Munson

Peregrine Systems

US v. Ilse Cappel
US v. Matthew C. Gless
US v. Steven S. Spitzer
US v. Stephen Gardner et al.


US v. John C. Bykowski
US v. Michael J. Fanghella
     Superseding Information
US v. John D. Garitta
US v. James L. Hillman, and Piotr Kodzis aka Peter Kodzis
US v. Kimberly Hulihee
US v. Tommy A. Larsen, Kim A. Larsen


US Department of Justice Department of Justice, Criminal Division and PNC ICLC Corp.
     Deferred Prosecution Agreement
US v. PNC ICLC Corp.
     Criminal Complaint Dismissed 6/24/04


US v. Jeffrey R. Anderson
     Statement of Facts
US v. Scott H. Miller
     Criminal Information

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