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JANUARY 18, 1995



Segment 1 - January 18, 1995, Atlanta, Georgia - Video Tape

YAMAMOTO:           Oh, no, no, no.  (Unintelligible "ui")

KANJI MIMOTO:       Nice to see you.

J.E. KIM:           Mr. Mimoto, nice to see you again.

     (Group talks - ui).

WHITACRE:           And nice to see you Mr. Shinohara.  How are you doing?  Good seein'
                    you again.  Jacques, how are you?

JACQUES CHAUDRET:   Good.  How are you?

MIMOTO:             Jacques, morning to you.

CHAUDRET:           Morning.  

MIMOTO:             How are you?

WHITACRE:           Long time no see.

UNKNOWN MALE:       How are you (ui)?

MIMOTO:             Uh, how are you?

WHITACRE:           It's been too long.

MIMOTO:             Nice to see you again.

HISAO SHINOHARA:    I think I met you before.

J.E. KIM:           I think (ui).

WHITACRE:           Good seeing you (ui).

MIMOTO:             (ui), Mr. Tany.

UNKNOWN MALE:       I think (ui) good time.

UNKNOWN MALE:       Oh, nice to see you again.

YAMAMOTO:           Okay.

WHITACRE:           There's a, a little place to hang your coat if you like.


WHITACRE:           Right around the corner.  Plenty of juices.  Coffee.  Mr. Shinohara?

SHINOHARA:          Thank you.


WHITACRE:           Please feel free to help yourself.

SHINOHARA:          Thanks.  TV here?

WHITACRE:           What's that?

SHINOHARA:          TV.  TV.

WHITACRE:           No, no, just a blackboard.

SHINOHARA:          Oh, just a blackboard.  (Laughs).

UNKNOWN MALE:       (ui).

                       * * * * * * * * * *

YAMAMOTO:           (Laughs).

CHAUDRET:           (Laughs).

WHITACRE:           Uhhh.  See, we have a couple of other people joinin' us, I think, don't

MIMOTO:             At, uh, 10:30.

YAMAMOTO:           At 10:30.

WHITACRE:           Oh yeah, at 10:30.

MIMOTO:             Two people from...

WHITACRE:           Yeah.

MIMOTO:             Sewon.  So, uh, where are they going to sit?  Well anyway...

YAMAMOTO:           Uhm.

MIMOTO:             At 10:30, we will have a meeting, yeah?

WHITACRE:           And then, then come two more, right?  Two more at that point?

MIMOTO:             Two more...

WHITACRE:           Two more.

MIMOTO:             after...

WHITACRE:           Well, we got plenty of space.

MIMOTO:             Yeah.

WHITACRE:           Yeah.

J.E. KIM:           Need two more from, uh, Miwon and Se-Sewon.

CHAUDRET:           No, no, two more from Sewon.  Uh, one from Tyson, one from Con
                    Agra, one from...  Huh.

     (Group laughs).

YAMAMOTO:           Sales meeting, huh?  (Laughs).

CHAUDRET:           Well, it's easy to know the price, so everything's clear.  

MIMOTO:             And one from FBI.  (Laughs).

     (Group laughs).

YAMAMOTO:           (ui) joke.

     (Group laughs).

WHITACRE:           And seven from the FTC.

MIMOTO:             Yeah.  FTC.  (Laughs).

UNKNOWN MALE:       (ui).

WHITACRE:           FBI.

MIMOTO:             Seven from FTC.  (Laughs).

SHINOHARA:          Well, I also feel cautious in the way I came into this, uh, hotel.  I
                    actually...  (Laughs).  (ui).

CHAUDRET:           In Europe, we...

SHINOHARA:          You know and, uh, (ui).

UNKNOWN MALE:       (ui).

CHAUDRET:           Even in Europe now, they're cracking down.

UNKNOWN MALE:       Well, uh...

WHITACRE:           Everyone has to be careful.

SHINOHARA:          Oh, yes.

WHITACRE:           When we leave, we're better off to leave separately.

CHAUDRET:           Yeah.

SHINOHARA:          Yeah.

CHAUDRET:           Of course.

YAMAMOTO:           Wear glasses, sunglasses.

CHAUDRET:           Uh, sunglasses.  You know that's my favorite!  (Laughs).

YAMAMOTO:           (Laughs).  

CHAUDRET:           (Laughs).

YAMAMOTO:           Yeah.  (Laughs).

CHAUDRET:           No, but (ui) look.

WHITACRE:           Wel-welcome to, to Atlanta, U.S.A.  

UNKNOWN MALE:       Yeah.

WHITACRE:           I'm glad you could come here.  We've been often, so often to Asia, so
                    often to Europe, it's, uh, good that everyone could come here at some

MIMOTO:             Uhm.  

UNKNOWN MALE:       (ui).

MIMOTO:             (ui).

WHITACRE:           I think Kanji, I think Kanji's gonna pretty much lead the meeting and
                    obviously the topic here at the beginning would be I think more

MIMOTO:             Yeah.

WHITACRE:           related because prices gonna start at 10:30.

     (Knocking on door).

MIMOTO:             Yes?  FTC?  (Laughs).

SHINOHARA:          Who?  (Laughs).