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Joel I. Klein

Former Assistant Attorney General

November 18, 1996

A Note of Caution with Respect to a WTO Agenda on Competition Policy

November 7, 1996

A Stepwise Approach to Anitrust Review of Horizontal Agreements

Anne K. Bingaman

Former Assistant Attorney General

September 19, 1996

Competition and Innovation: Bedrock of the American Economy

May 16, 1996

International Cooperation and the Future of the U.S. Antitrust Enforcement

May 14, 1996

Antitrust Enforcement in the Meat Packing Industry

February 28, 1996, Corrected April 25, 1996

Recent Enforcement Actions By the Antitrust Division Against Trade Associations

January 25, 1996

Consolidation and Code Sharing: Antitrust Enforcement in the Airline Industry

Lawrence R. Fullerton

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General

October 21, 1996

Current Issues in Radio Station Merger Analysis

March 13, 1996

Recent Developments in Merger Enforcement

Carl Shapiro

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General

March 7, 1996

Antitrust in Network Industries: A Speech before the American Law Institute and The American Bar Association

David Turetsky

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General

July 22, 1996

Bell Operating Company Interlata Entry

June 6, 1996

Antitrust Enforcement In the Meat Packing Industry

February 2, 1996

Antitrust Enforcement in the Electric Industry

Constance K. Robinson

Former Director of Operations

October 11, 1996

Quantifying Unilateral Effects in Investigations and Cases

September 30, 1996

Bank Mergers and Antitrust Trends

May 30, 1996

Bank Mergers and Antitrust

Charles E. Biggio

Former Senior Counsel to the Assitant Attorney General

May 15, 1996

Merger Enforcement at the Antitrust Division

February 2, 1996

Antitrust and Networks, A Speech at the Corporate Counsel Institute and Business Development Associates, Inc.

Anthony V. Nanni

Former Chief, Litigation I Section, Antitrust Division

May 2, 1996

Consolidation in the Banking Industry: An Antitrust Perspective

Gail Kursh

Former Chief, Health Care Task Force

February 22, 1996

Update on Antitrust Division Health Care Enforcement Activities March 1995 - February 1996

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