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Subscribing to Antitrust News Feeds

The Antitrust Division provides several news feeds that enable you to receive automatic notification of new information on this Web site. These notifications are displayed in a software program called a news reader or RSS reader. (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.)

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Where Can I Get a News Reader?

You can use Internet search engines to locate news readers (also known as RSS readers, aggregators, or news aggregators) as well as reviews of news readers. In addition, some Web browsers include built-in news readers. The Department of Justice does not endorse a particular news reader.

How Do I Subscribe to a News Feed?

After you choose a news reader, review the instructions for adding a new feed. In general, the procedure consists of these two steps:

  1. Copy the Web address (also known as the URL) for the news feed.
  2. Paste the Web address into the “Subscribe” or “Add New Feed” section of your news reader.

For More Information

For more information about RSS technology and U.S. Government RSS feeds, visit the U.S. Government RSS Library on Feeds are available on this Web site where you see the RSS icon RSS feed logo.

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