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On June 9, 2011, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Trade Commission, in collaboration with state and local partners, launched a historic, nationwide initiative to combat immigration services fraud.  

Immigration services fraud has become an increasingly serious problem in immigrant communities throughout the United States.  Sometimes referred to as “notarios,” these scammers claim to work for government immigration agencies, pose as immigration lawyers, or pretend to provide legitimate immigration-related services — and then charge high, upfront fees for their “help.” 

Preventing illegal immigration services providers from misleading individuals and scamming the system is a goal shared by the entire U.S. government as well as state and local law enforcement.  These fraudsters violate the law while taking advantage of vulnerable populations.  By making promises they do not keep and offering services they are not qualified to provide, notarios rob immigrants of their money and their faith in the system.  When notarios file documents with or appear in court, they undermine the integrity of the judicial process. 

Assistant Attorney General Tony West Speaks at the “Combating Immigration Services Scams” Press Conference

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Two Plead Guilty in Scheme to Defraud Consumers Seeking Immigration Services

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