Russian Man Sentenced for Hacking into Computers in the United States (July 25, 2003)
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July 25, 2003

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Russian Man Sentenced for Hacking into Computers in the United States

United States Attorney Kevin J. O’Connor announced today that ALEXEY V. IVANOV, age 23, formerly of Chelyabinsk, Russia, was sentenced at the federal courthouse in Hartford, Connecticut by United States District Judge Alvin W. Thompson. IVANOV was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of forty-eight (48) months, to be followed by three (3) years of supervised release.

IVANOV had previously pleaded guilty in these proceedings and admitted to numerous charges of conspiracy, computer intrusion (i.e., “hacking”), computer fraud, credit card fraud, wire fraud, and extortion. Those charges stemmed from the activities of IVANOV and others who operated from Russia and hacked into dozens of computers throughout the United States, stealing usernames, passwords, credit card information, and other financial data, and then extorting those victims with the threat of deleting their data and destroying their computer systems. In sentencing IVANOV, the district judge described his participation as a “manager or supervisor” in an “unprecedented, wide-ranging, organized criminal enterprise” that “engaged in numerous acts of fraud, extortion, and intentional damage to the property of others, involving the sophisticated manipulation of computer data, financial information, and credit card numbers.” The district judge found that IVANOV was responsible for an aggregate loss of approximately $25 million.

United States Attorney Kevin J. O’Connor stated: “This prosecution demonstrates the ability and resolve of the Department of Justice to vigorously investigate and pursue cybercriminals who attack American computer systems. We are committed to tracking down and prosecuting those individuals wherever they may be.”

This case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Mark G. Califano and Shawn J. Chen. Also involved in this multi-district investigation and prosecution were Assistant United States Attorneys Arif Alikhan, Scott Christie, Mark Krotoski, and Floyd Short, as well as retired Assistant United States Attorney Stephen Schroeder.