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Criminal Division Press Releases for October 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ingersoll-Rand Agrees to Pay $2.5 Million Fine in Connection with Payment of Kickbacks Under the U.N. Oil for Food Program

WASHINGTON — The Ingersoll-Rand Company Limited has agreed to pay a $2.5 million fine as part of an agreement with the U.S. government regarding charges brought in connection with an ongoing investigation of the U.N. “Oil for Food” program.
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Former HHS OIG Special Agent Pleads Guilty to Fraud and Forgery Charges in Connection with Theft of More Than $1 Million (07-871)

WASHINGTON — A former Special Agent with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General pleaded guilty to a two-count information charging him with bank fraud and forging the signature of a judge or court officer.
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Two Colombian Men Plead Guilty to Alien Smuggling and Conspiring to Support the FARC  (07-862)

WASHINGTON — Two defendants have pleaded guilty to charges of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization and alien smuggling.
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nantucket Man Arrested and Charged for Producing and Transporting Child Pornography (07-852)

WASHINGTON — A Nantucket, Mass., man was arrested this morning and charged with producing child pornography and transporting it into the United States, (Read more)

British Petroleum to Pay More Than $370 Million in Environmental Crimes, Fraud Cases (07-850)

British Petroleum and several of its subsidiaries have agreed to pay approximately $373 million in fines and restitution for environmental violations stemming from a fatal explosion at a Texas refinery in March 2005, leaks of crude oil from pipelines in Alaska, and fraud for conspiring to corner the market and manipulate the price of propane carried through Texas pipelines, the Department of Justice announced today.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ohio Cardiologist Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Commit Health Care Fraud

WASHINGTON — An Ohio physician has pleaded guilty before District Judge John R. Adams to conspiring to engage in a scheme to defraud Medicare and other health care benefit programs.
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Massachusetts Man Sentenced to 78 Months in Prison on Child Pornography Charges 

WASHINGTON — Philip Herzberg, 50, of Hingham, Mass., was sentenced in Boston to 78 months in prison on child pornography charges, (Read more)

Kentucky Man Indicted on Child Sex Abuse and Child Pornography Charges

INDIANAPOLIS – A federal grand jury in Indianapolis, Ind., has indicted Jack A. Taylor, 67, a resident of Russell County, Ky., on aggravated sexual abuse and related child pornography charges, Assistant Attorney General Alice S. Fisher of the Criminal Division and Acting U.S. Attorney Timothy Morrison for the Southern District of Indiana announced today.
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Colombian Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Support the FARC (07-838)

Bernardo Valdes Londono, 49, of Pereira, Colombia, pleaded guilty today in Miami before U.S. District Judge Joan A. Lenard to one count of conspiracy to provide material support or resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization. In pleading guilty, Valdes admitted that between approximately July 12, 2005, and Jan. 3, 2006, he conspired with others to facilitate travel for an informant posing as a FARC chief who needed to leave Colombia and go to the United States. 
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U.S. Department of Justice Leads International Effort to Combat Intellectual Property Crime  (07-836)

BANGKOK, THAILAND — The U.S. Department of Justice today announced the opening of a regional conference of approximately 70 key law enforcement officials from more than a dozen nations, with the aim of developing an international network targeting large-scale intellectual property (IP) crimes.
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Friday, October 19, 2007

Former Army Reserve Officer Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison on Bribery, Conspiracy and Money Laundering Charges 

WASHINGTON — A former major in the U.S. Army Reserve was sentenced today for conspiracy, bribery and money laundering in connection with the fraudulent awarding and administration of U.S. government contracts in Balad, Iraq.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Two Men Plead Guilty to Conspiring To Support the FARC

WASHINGTON — Two South American men have pleaded guilty to conspiring to provide material support to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, a designated foreign terrorist organization.
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Former DoD Employee Sentenced on Charges Involving Fraud and Theft From the Army (07-819)

WASHINGTON — Jesse D. Lane, Jr., a former civilian employee of the Department of Defense (DOD) and former member of the California Army National Guard, was sentenced for defrauding the United States and conspiring with four other individuals to do the same.
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Friday, October 12, 2007

Former Motivational Speaker Re-Sentenced to 20 Years for Transporting Child Pornography  (07-817)

WASHINGTON — Michael Fortino, 47, a motivational speaker whose original prison sentence was recently vacated, was re-sentenced today to 20 years in federal prison for transporting child pornography.
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Nationwide Trafficker of Counterfeit Clothing Sentenced to 57 Months in Prison (07-815)

WASHINGTON —A national distributor of more than $7 million in counterfeit clothing has been sentenced to 57 months in prison.
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Two Men Sentenced for Running International Pornographic Spamming Business (07-813)

WASHINGTON — Two men have been sentenced to more than five years in prison for organizing and running an international pornographic spamming business that grossed over $1 million.
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Virginia Man Pleads Guilty to Attempted Receipt of Child Pornography (07-812)

WASHINGTON — A Virginia man has pleaded guilty to attempted receipt of child pornography.
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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eight Charged in Connection With $80 Million Scheme to Defraud the Export-import Bank of the United States (07-811)

WASHINGTON — A total of eight defendants have been charged in connection with an $80 million scheme to defraud the Export-Import Bank of the United States.
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Massachusetts Man Indicted as Part of Nationwide Investigation of Internet Child Pornography Trade (07-810)

WASHINGTON — A West Townsend, Mass., man has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of receipt and possession of child pornography.
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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Miami Jury Convicts Medical Company Owner of Medicare Fraud (07-794)

WASHINGTON — A federal jury in Miami has convicted the owner and operator of Direct Nursing Assistance Inc. of Medicare fraud.
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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Florida Doctor Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Medicare Fraud (07-789)

WASHINGTON — A doctor involved in a $7 million HIV infusion therapy scheme to defraud Medicare has been sentenced to 18 months in prison, (Read more)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Justice Department Seeks Deportation of Former SS Attack Dog Handler Who Guarded Two Nazi Concentration Camps

The Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security have commenced proceedings before an immigration judge in Atlanta seeking the removal of a Lawrenceville, Ga., resident who served the Nazi SS during World War II as a handler of attack dogs and a guard of prisoners at the notorious Dachau and Buchenwald Concentration Camps in Nazi Germany.
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Justice Department Agrees to Defer Prosecution of York International Corporation in Connection With Payment of Kickbacks Under the U.N. Oil For Food Program (07-783)

WASHINGTON — As part of the Justice Department‘s ongoing investigation into activity involving the United Nations Oil for Food program, the Department has agreed to defer the prosecution of York International Corporation, headquartered in York, Pa..
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