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Department of Justice Grant-Related Materials

Grant-related civil rights statutes covering recipients of federal financial assistance from DOJ
DOJ grant-related civil rights regulations
  • Title VI regulations (28 C.F.R. 42.101 et seq.) (HTML or PDF)
  • Title IX regulations (to be codified at 28 C.F.R. 54.100 et seq. (HTML or PDF)  For full text of the rule as it appeared in the Federal Register (HTML or PDF)
  • Coordination of  nondiscrimination laws (28 C.F.R. 0.51) (HTML or PDF)
  • Justice System Improvement Act regulations (28 C.F.R. 42.201 et seq.) (HTML or PDF)
  • Justice Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines for recipients of Federal financial assistance (28 C.F.R. 42.301 et seq.) (HTML or PDF)
  • Coordination on the Enforcement of Non-Discrimination in Federally Assisted Programs (28 C.F.R. 42.401 et seq.) (HTML or PDF)
  • Procedures for Complaints of Employment Discrimination Filed Against Recipients of Federal Financial Assistance (28 C.F.R. 42.601 et seq.) (HTML or PDF)
  • Guidelines for the enforcement of Title VI (28 C.F.R. 50.3) (HTML or PDF)
  • Notice of DOJ financial assistance subject to Title IX (HTML or PDF)
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This page was last updated on April 25, 2013.

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Federal Coordination and Compliance
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