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OSC Grantee Activities

New York City Human Rights Commission

The New York City Commission on Human Rights (NYCCHR) and the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) have collaborated to create a three part curriculum for adult ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes held at public libraries, community colleges, workforce development agencies, and other venues throughout the New York City area.  The workbooks used to implement the curriculum are published in student and teacher versions, and are titled “The Right to Work: Understanding Immigrant Employment Rights.” 
Follow this link to the NYCCHR web site to download .pdf copies of the Student and Teacher editions of the workbooks.  You can also download excerpts from the companion DVD for video clips incorporated into the lessons.



National Immigration Law Center (NILC) Publications

Background Information on the I-9 and Anti-Discrimination Provision

I-9 Process and Anti-Discrmination Protections in the INA (PDF) (4/09)

Citizenship Discrimination (PDF) (4/09) (overview and examples)

Document Abuse (PDF) (4/09) (overview and examples)

Proving Work Authorization (PDF) (4/09) (Information on the employment eligibility verification process and acceptable documents)

Classes of Immigrants Authorized to work in the U.S. (PDF) (4/09)

Filing an Employment Discrimination Charge: A Do-It-Yourself packet for Immigration Workers (PDF)




Worker Hotline: 1-800-255-7688 • Employer Hotline: 1-800-255-8155


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