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Plymouth (Washington Cty.) (T8037) At-large elections 3-17-71
State (T4000, T7203) Literacy test for registration 3-18-71
State (T4006) Literacy test for registration 4-20-71
State (T4025, V3064) Senate and House districts; numbered posts 7-30-71
State (V3320, V3321) Senate and House districts; numbered posts 9-27-71
Lumberton City School District (Robeson Cty.) (V8901, X0961-63) Chapter 636 "A" Addition (1967); Chapter 638 (1967), as amended by Chapter 687 (1971); Chapter 443, as repealed and re-enacted by Chapter 611 (1969)--three annexations 6-2-75
Objection withdrawn 9-27-82 to Chapter 636 "A" Addition (1967); and Chapter 638 (1967), as amended by Chapter 687 (1971)--two annexations
Craven County School District (V8909) Chapter 837 (1967)--redistricting; method of election 9-23-75
Withdrawn 3-15-76
Robeson County School District (V9028) Chapter 770 (1969)--at-large elections; staggered terms; voter qualifications 12-29-75
Williamston (Martin Cty.) (X8929) Staggered terms 2-4-77
Rocky Mount (Edgecombe Cty.)(V8785) Thirty-six annexations 12-9-77
Withdrawn 6-9-78
Pasquotank County (A2347) Polling place 1-3-78
Laurinburg (Scotland Cty.) (A8044,A6184) Majority vote requirement and separation of electoral contests of the two-year term and the four-year term councilmanic positions 12-12-78
Reidsville (Rockingham Cty.) (C2649) Staggered terms 8-3-79
Greenville (Pitt Cty.) (80-1964) Majority vote requirement 4-7-80
New Bern (Craven Cty.) (80-1917) Two annexations 9-29-80
Withdrawn 10-5-81
State (81-2275) H.B. No. 471 (1967)--1968 amendment which provides that no county shall be divided in the formation of a Senate or Representative district 11-30-81
Withdrawn 7-12-02
State (81-1782) Chapter 821 (S.B. No. 313 (1981)), Chapter 894 (S.B. No. 87 (1981))--senate and congressional redistricting 12-7-81
State (81-1784) Chapter 1130 (1981)--house reapportionment 1-20-82
Guilford County (81-1793) At-large to residency district elections 3-1-82
State (82-2368) S.B. No. 1 and H.B. No. 1--Senate and House redistricting 4-19-82
Greensboro (Guilford Cty.) (81-1797) Three annexations 6-21-82
Withdrawn 4-8-83 upon change in method of election
New Bern (Craven Cty.) (82-2359) Annexation 12-21-82
Withdrawn 9-22-83 after change in method of election
Windsor (Bertie Cty.) (82-2345) Establishment of residency districts for the election of commissioners and to the districting plan 3-28-83
Edgecombe County School District (83-2606) Establishment of residency districts and the election of six members from residency districts 1-16-84
Rocky Mount (Edgecombe and Nash Ctys.) (83-2608) Eleven annexations 2-21-84
Withdrawn 5-9-85 upon change in method of election
Halifax County (83-2633) 1971 N.C. Sess. Laws 681, which readopted the existing at-large election system with an increase in the number of county commissioners from five to six 5-16-84
Robeson County (84-3124) Consolidation of voting precincts and the elimination of the South Smiths polling place 9-21-84
Withdrawn 1-28-85
State (84-3093) House Bill 2, Chapter 1 (1984)--reapportionment of House Districts 8 and 70 10-1-84
Cumberland County School District (84-3052) Implementation schedule for the consolidated school district 4-8-85
Fayetteville (Cumberland Cty.) (84-3047) Twenty-nine annexations 4-29-85
Withdrawn 3-3-86 upon change in form of government
Elizabeth City (Pasquotank Cty.) (85-3069) Method of election--four single-member districts and four at large with residency districts; districting plan and implementation schedule 3-10-86
Wilson County (85-3137) Method of election and districting plan 3-10-86
State (85-3050) Chapter 262, H.B. No. 367 (1965)--numbered posts for superior court judges; Chapter 997, S.B. No. 557 (1967), and Chapter 1119, S.B. No. 125 (1977)--staggered terms for superior court judgeships in Districts 3, 4, 8, 12, 18, and 20 4-11-86
Pitt County School District (85-3077)(85-3078) Chapter 2, H.B. No. 29 (1985)--which provides for the consolidation of the Pitt County School District and the Greenville City School District, the appointment of a twelve-member interim board, the election of a twelve-member permanent board, and the method of election (eight residency districts and one multi-member residency district electing four members by a plurality vote to staggered, six-year terms of office); Chapter 495, H.B. No. 1397 (1985)--which provides for the increase from twelve to fifteen appointed members to the interim consolidated board; Chapter 360, H.B. No. 769 (1971)--which changed the appointed Pitt County board to a nine-member board elected at large on a nonpartisan basis from residency districts with a plurality vote requirement to six-year, staggered terms, and specified the election schedule 5-5-86
Onslow County School District (85-3066) Chapter 525, H.B. No. 1284 (1977)--residency districts 5-12-86
State (86-3915) Schedule for holding special primary elections for a superior court position in District 18 5-23-86
Martin County School District (86-3896) Chapter 380 (1971)--residency district requirement 10-27-86
Wayne County (87-3606) Chapter 476, S.B. No. 303 (1965)--staggered terms (board of commissioners) 11-4-86
Onslow County (87-3528) Chapter 151, H.B. No. 311 (1969) and Chapter 167, S.B. No. 209 (1969) --staggered terms (board of commissioners) 7-6-87
Beaufort County School District (86-3789) Chapter 210 (1971)--residency districts 10-26-87
Bladen County (87-3340) August 20, 1987, resolution which provides for a change in the method of electing the board of commissioners from at large to three double-member districts and one at-large, the districting plan, implementation schedule, and the increase in the size of the board from five to seven members 11-2-87
Camden County School District (87-3343) Chapter 173, H.B. No. 490 (1977)--residency districts 11-9-87
Anson County (87-3322) Chapter 216 (1977)--majority vote requirement 12-7-87
Pitt County (87-3544) Chapter 432 (1987)--method of election 12-29-87
Granville County School District (87-3443) Change from at-large to single-member districts and the districting plan 8-1-88
Withdrawn 12-29-88
Lee County (89-3028) Chapter 195, H.B. No. 595 (1989)--permits changes in method of election for county board of commissioners; June 26, 1989, Resolution -- increases number of commissioners from five to seven; changes method of election from at large by majority vote and staggered terms to four commissioners elected from single-member districts and three commissioners elected at large, all by plurality vote for staggered terms 4-3, with three at-large seats elected concurrently without numbered posts; a districting plan; an implementation schedule; and procedures for selecting party nominees in the event of a tie in the primary 12-4-89
Withdrawn 1-8-90
Ahoskie (Hertford Cty.) (89-3021) Three annexations (Ordinance Nos. 1989-02, 1989-03, 1989-04) 12-18-89
Perquimans County (89-3064) Act No. 104 (1989)--method of election (elimination of residency requirement and adoption of plurality vote requirement for primary elections, and method of staggering terms) 4-9-90
Perquimans County School District (89-4026) Act No. 105 (1989)--method of election (elimination of residency requirement and method of staggering terms) 4-9-90
Anson County School District (89-2898) Chapter 288 (1989)--at-large election with numbered positions and runoff requirement for two members 5-29-90
Franklin County (89-2966) Chapter 306, H.B. No. 555 (1967)--majority-vote requirement in primary elections for county commission 6-28-90
Anson County School District (91-1241) Chapter 33 (1991)--method of election (two at-large positions and the 40-percent plurality requirement for nomination for those positions) 9-23-91
State (91-2724; 91-3267) 1991 redistricting for the North Carolina State House, Senate and Congressional plans 12-18-91
State (91-3885) Change in the length of the term of the judge elected in 1990 to fill a vacancy in multimember superior court District 3A thus creating staggered terms for the judgeships in that district 4-21-92
State (93-1943) Delaying implementation of mail-in registration 11-16-93
State (93-2818-2820) Six additional district court judges (in Districts 1, 3A, 8, 12, 18, and 20) 2-14-94
Withdrawn 5-30-95, as to District 1 judgeship; withdrawn 1-11-96, as to remaining judgeships
Laurinburg (Scotland Cty.) (94-0771) Annexation (Ordinance No. 0-1994-01) 4-25-94
Withdrawn 6-23-94
Mt. Olive (Wayne Cty.) (94-1403) Four districts, two at-large method of election, including an increase from five to six commissioners 9-13-94
State (95-2922) Chapter 355 (1995)--prohibits state legislative and Congressional district boundaries from crossing voting precinct lines unless the districts are found in violation of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act 2-13-96
Camp Butner Reservation (Granville Cty.) (96-3224) (pdf) At-large method of election and staggered terms 2-3-97
Harnett County School District (2001-3769) (pdf) 2001 redistricting plan (board of education) 7-23-02
Harnett County (2001-3768) (pdf) 2001 redistricting plan (board of commissioners) 7-23-02
City of Fayetteville (Cumberland Cty.) (2007-2233) (pdf) Method of election from nine single-member districts to six and 2007 City Council redistricting plan 6-25-07
City of Kinston (Lenoir Cty.) (2009-0216) (pdf) Nonpartisan method of election for mayor and council members. 8-17-09
Wthdrawn 2-10/12
Pitt County School District(2011-2474) (pdf) Method of election from twelve single-member districts to seven. 4-30-12
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