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Note from the Acting AAG

As the Acting Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division, I join the co-chairs of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) Working Group in welcoming you to the Working Group's website. The website is part of the Division's ongoing efforts to protect the civil rights of LGBTI individuals and to connect with the LGBTI community. The LGBTI Working Group plays an important role in addressing the discrimination faced by LGBTI individuals in their lives. This website provides valuable information about the Division's efforts to protect the civil rights of LGBTI individuals.

Thank you for your interest in the Civil Rights Division and the LGBTI Working Group.

Vanita Gupta
Acting Assistant Attorney General
Civil Rights Division

Welcome from the LGBTI Working Group Chairs

The LGBTI Working Group is comprised of attorneys and other staff from all eleven of the Division's sections, as well as members of the Division's leadership. The Working Group advises the Division's leadership and sections within the Division on legal and policy issues relating to discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status, and HIV/AIDS status. The Working Group explores how existing federal civil rights laws enforced by the Division can address discrimination experienced by LGBTI individuals and identifies appropriate matters and cases for the Division. The Working Group also provides technical assistance to other Department of Justice components and other federal agencies. The Working Group regularly conducts outreach to the LGBTI community and other relevant stakeholders. Finally, the Working Group assists the Division and the Department of Justice with various diversity and education initiatives.

This website provides information on the work of the LGBTI Working Group and the Division's efforts to protect the civil rights of LGBTI individuals. The website describes the various laws that the Division enforces that may offer protection for LGBTI individuals facing discrimination and serves as a resource for LGBTI individuals and persons living with HIV/AIDS who believe they may be victims of discrimination. The website also contains updated public information, including press releases and case-related documents, that demonstrate the Division's commitment to protecting the civil rights of LGBTI individuals and persons with HIV/AIDS.

We hope this website will serve as a useful resource for members of the LGBTI community and other individuals facing discrimination based on their actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status, or HIV/AIDS status. We invite you to contact us by emailing the LGBTI Working Group's email address at


John (Bert) Russ, Special Litigation Counsel, Voting Section
Joseph Wardenski, Trial Attorney, Educational Opportunities Section

LGBTI Working Group Chairs

General Information Office of the Assistant Attorney General
Vanita Gupta
Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General
Civil Rights Division
(202) 514-4609
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