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As the preeminent law enforcement training organization for national and international drug law enforcement, the mission of the Drug Enforcement Administration's Office of Training is to provide technical and non-technical skills to DEA personnel, as well as appropriate domestic and foreign police agencies. All Office of Training programs are based on maintaining the highest standards of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness - concepts that allow us to sustain and develop a corps of innovative thinkers with the necessary technical and professional competencies to establish and achieve DEA's goals and objectives.

DEA Training Academy
In April 1999 the DEA Training Academy was opened on the Marine Corps Base at Quantico, Virginia. While trainees currently reside and attend class at the DEA Training Academy, facilities for firearms training, physical fitness and defensive tactics training, defensive driving training, and all practical application exercises continue to be held at the FBI Academy. Facilities for these training activities are used jointly by both DEA and FBI.

The DEA Training Academy features 185,000 square feet divided into:

  • 125 double-occupancy rooms (250-bed dormitory)
  • 3 tiered classrooms, each seating 50 students
  • 2 management classrooms, each accommodating 50 students
  • An international translation-capable classroom, seating 50 students
  • 3 computer classrooms with workstations to accommodate 92 students
  • Practical areas for fingerprinting, interviewing and wiretap training
  • 7 breakout training rooms
  • Student support services, including a gift shop, nurse's station, mail room, laundry, dry cleaners, banking facilities and a 250-seat cafeteria

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