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Native Americans: Claims and Other Matters
Photograph of a lake with mountains on the background at Grand Teton National Park.  Courtesy of the National Park Service.

Native Americans: Claims and Other Matters

Founded in treaty or in various statutes, the United States has fiduciary obligations to Native American tribes and individuals with respect to funds and property which it manages on their behalf. NRS has a long history of defending the United States against suits brought by Indian tribes or individual Indians. These suits have in large part sought compensation for:

  • lands ceded to the United States by treaty or agreement,
  • alleged mismanagement of tribal trust funds, or
  • alleged mismanagement of tribal lands and/or natural resources.

In addition, many suits have been brought to obtain declaratory and injunctive relief on various grounds, including those relating to tribal recognition and Indian gaming. NRS litigation in this area has defined the parameters of this special relationship.

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Last Updated: November 2010