Headquarters Immigration Court

Headquarters Immigration Court
Arlington, Virginia

Welcome to the Headquarters Immigration Court!

The Headquarters Immigration Court (HQIC) falls under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Chief Immigration Judge which is a component of the Executive Office for Immigration Review under the Department of Justice.

Please note: The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) are separate organizations.

About the Court

Through the use of the video teleconferencing (VTC) equipment, the Headquarters Immigration Court assists other Immigration Courts with their dockets by addressing short-term resource needs.

General Information

VTC hearings are held in immigration courts throughout the United States pursuant to congressional mandate at 8 U.S.C. 1229a (b)(2)(A)(iii), section 240(b)(2)(A)(iii) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Congress made no distinction between an in-person hearing and a hearing conducted by VTC.

VTC provides real-time transmission of audio and video between two or more locations and permits individuals to see, hear, and speak with each other as though they are at the same location.

VTC hearings do not change adjudicative quality or decisional outcomes.

The audio/video transmission is secure and the participants' privacy is protected.

Public access to VTC hearings is governed by the provisions of 8 C.F.R. 1003.27 in the same manner as onsite in-person hearings.

Court Contacts

Assistant Chief Immigration Judge:
Christopher A. Santoro (supervisory responsibility for the HQIC)


Immigration Judges:
Quynh Vu Bain
Rodger C. Harris (detailed to the Arlington Immigration Court)
Roxanne C. Hladylowycz
Robert P. Owens


Court Administrator:
Deborah Castro

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Visitor Information

Visitors normally observe a proceeding in the Court exercising administrative control (base city) of the case. Inquiries regarding hearings should be directed to the base city court.

Jurisdiction and Venue

Venue remains with the base city court or hearing location.

HQIC does not accept filings during the time a case is docketed with HQIC. All motions, applications, and other filings will be made to the base city court.

Scheduling of Hearings and Movement of ROPs

The HQIC judge is to be considered as part of the base city court. In other words, the HQIC judge is deemed to be located in the base city court, but simply in a satellite location.

The base city court receives the case, schedules the first HQIC hearing, creates the Record of Proceedings (ROP), sends the hearing notice, and forwards the ROP to HQIC.

All administrative operations are the responsibility of the base city court.

Hearing notices reflect the time zone of the base city court.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are currently no FAQs available.

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Courtroom Etiquette

The Headquarters Immigration Court encourages all those appearing before them to familiarize themselves with the Immigration Court Practice Manual and to be prepared and ready to go forward with the case on the day of the hearing.

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Updated August 18, 2015