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Recognition & Accreditation (R&A) Program

Below you will find links to BIA precedents on the Recognition and Accreditation Program.

Matter of Central California Legal Services, Inc. - Accreditation (PDF)
To qualify for accreditation, a proposed representative must first be trained in immigration fundamentals

Matter of EAC - Recognition (PDF)
Adequate knowledge, information and experience in immigration law and procedure required for Recognition

Matter of EAC - Accreditation (PDF)
Broad knowledge and experience in immigration law and procedure required for accreditation

In re Chaplain Services, Inc. - Recognition (PDF)
Organization expected to successfully rebut an adverse recommendation from DHS

Matter of Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc. - Recognition (PDF)
Each branch office independently required to apply for recognition and accreditation of representatives

Matter of Baptist Educational Center - Recognition (PDF)
Withdrawal of recognition

Matter of Lutheran Ministries of Florida - Recognition (PDF)
Detailed information of an organizations operation, such as supervision and training of staff, and availability of legal resource materials required for recognition

Matter of American Paralegal Academy, Inc. - Recognition (PDF)
Nominal charges and funding 

Matter of St. Francis Cabrini Immigration Law Center - Recognition (PDF)
Where an organization is physically collocated or financially associated with, or otherwise attached to, a for-profit venture, the Board of Immigration Appeals will not approve an application for recognition unless it is confident that the organization will not be influenced, either explicitly or implicitly, by the pecuniary interests of the commercial affiliate.

Matter of Ayuda - Recognition (PDF)
When assessing an organization's application for recognition, the Board of Immigration Appeals makes an individualized determination whether the applicant's fees qualify as "nominal charges" and whether its fee structure is true to the goal of providing competent low cost legal services. Matter of American Paralegal Academy, Inc., 19 I&N Dec. 386 (BIA 1986), clarified.

Matter of United Farm Workers Foundation - Accreditation (PDF)
A recognized organization need only apply for its representative's accreditation at one location, and if approved, that representative may thereafter practice at any branch location of the organization that has been recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals. Matter of EAC, Inc., 24 I&N Dec. 563 (BIA 2008), modified.

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Updated November 2014

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