8 C.F.R. 1240.11(c)(1)(iii) - Ancillary matters, applications

(c) Applications for asylum and withholding of removal. (1) If the alien expresses fear of persecution or harm upon return to any of the countries to which the alien might be removed pursuant to §§1240.10(f), and the alien has not previously filed an application for asylum or withholding of removal that has been referred to the immigration judge by an asylum officer in accordance with §§1208.14 of this chapter, the immigration judge shall:

(i) Advise the alien that he or she may apply for asylum in the United States or withholding of removal to those countries;

(ii) Make available the appropriate application forms; and

(iii) Advise the alien of the privilege of being represented by counsel at no expense to the government and of the consequences, pursuant to section 208(d)(6) of the Act, of knowingly filing a frivolous application for asylum. The immigration judge shall provide to the alien a list of persons who have indicated their availability to represent aliens in asylum proceedings on a pro bono basis

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