1244.7 Filing the application

(a) An application for Temporary Protected Status shall be filed with the director having jurisdiction over the applicant's place of residence.

(b) An application for Temporary Protected Status must be filed during the registration period established by the Attorney General, except in the case of an alien described in §§1244.2(f)(2).

(c) Each applicant must pay a fee, as determined at the time of the designation of the foreign state, except as provided in §§1244.5(a)

(d) If the alien has a pending deportation or exclusion proceeding before the immigration judge or Board of Immigration Appeals at the time a foreign state is designated under section 244(b) of the Act, the alien shall be given written notice concerning Temporary Protected Status. Such alien shall have the opportunity to submit an application for Temporary Protected Status to the director under paragraph (a) of this section during the published registration period unless the basis of the charging document, if established, would render the alien ineligible for Temporary Protected Status under §§1244.3(c) or §§1244.4. Eligibility for Temporary Protected Status in the latter instance shall be decided by the Executive Office for Immigration Review during such proceedings.

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