Terrorism Bar to Relief under Former Section 212(c)

INA § 212(c) Nonapplicability of Subsection (a)

Aliens lawfully admitted for permanent residence who temporarily proceeded abroad voluntarily and not under an order of deportation, and who are returning to a lawful unrelinquished domicile of seven consecutive years, may be admitted in the discretion of the Attorney General without regard to the provisions of subsection (a) (other than paragraphs (3) and (9)(C)) . . . .

8 C.F.R. § 1212.3 Application for the exercise of discretion under former section 212(c).

(f) Limitations on discretion to grant an application under 212(c) of the Act.

* * * * *

(3) The alien is subject to inadmissibility or exclusion from the United States under paragraphs (3)(A), (3)(B), (3)(C), (3)(E), or (10)(C) of section 212(a) of the Act;

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