Standard Language on Select Topics: Indexed with Supporting Materials


I. REAL ID Provisions

A. Short Form Boilerplate Language

B. Long Form Boilerplate Language

1. Long Form Boilerplate with Highlights

C. One-Page Summary of EOIR-Related Provisions

D. Outline of EOIR-Related Provisions

E. Cases

II. Temporary Protected Status

A. Filing

B. Basic Requirements

C. Notices

D. Regulations

III. Frivolous Finding

A. Statutory and Regulatory Provisions.

B. Standard Language

C. Summary of Matter of Y-L-

D. Summary of Ninth Circuit Cases

E. Summary of BIA Unpublished Cases

F. Summary of Oral and Written IJ Decisions

IV. Motions to Suppress

A. Statutory and Regulatory Provisions

B. Standard Language

  1. Preliminary Issues   
  2. Fourth Amendment
  3. Fifth Amendment
  4. Regulatory Violations & the Administrative Exclusionary Rule

C. Outline for Issue Spotting

V. Persecutor of Others Bar

A. Statutory and Regulatory Provisions

B. Standard Language

C. Examples of Courts Finding Persecutor of Others

D. Notes and Problem Areas

VI. Terrorism Bar

A. Statutory and Regulatory Provisions

B. What does "engaged in terrorist activity" mean?

C. What is "membership in a terrorist organization?"

D. Waivers and Exceptions

E. Standard Language

F. Retroactive Application of the REAL ID Act and the PATRIOT Act

G. Terrorism Bar v. Persecutor of Others Bar Chart

VII. Modified Categorical Approach

A. Ninth Circuit Standard Language

B. Ninth Circuit Application of Categorical Approach

C. Ninth Circuit Judicially Noticeable Documents

D. Ninth Circuit Document Chart

E. Disjunctive vs. Conjunctive Pleading

F. New Section: Standard Language for CIMT Categorical Approach

VIII. Removability for Controlled Substance Offenses

A. Statutes

B. Offense “Relating To” a Controlled Substance

C. Aggravated Felony

D. Federal First Offender Act

E. Chart

IX. Bond

A. Regulations and Statutes

B. Jurisdiction Chart

C. Jurisdiction

D. Standard Language

E. Factors Under INA § 236(a)

F. Procedures, Appeals, and Stays

X. Evidence

A. Administrative Notice

B. Hearsay

C. Form I-213

  1. Outline
  2. Standard Language
  3. Summary of Cases

D. Confrontation of Witnesses

  1. Standard Language
  2. Summary of Cases

E. 8 U.S.C. § 1367 - Information from Batterer

F. Marital Privilege

  1. Standard Language
  2. Outline & Chart


A. Agency Deference & Brand X

B. Outline for Issue Spotting

C. Agency Deference Chart

D. Case Law Chart