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Notice of Rejection Regarding Cancellation of Removal Application


Dear Practitioner:


The Cancellation of Removal Application is returned to you herewith due to certain deficiencies. Your attention is called to Paragraph III of the instructions that requires the respondent to answer all questions fully. This is vitally important in light of the REAL ID Act of 2005, which mandates a filing of a complete application. See Section 240(c)(4)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act [8 U.S.C. Section 1229a(c)] Under the terms of the REAL ID Act, an incomplete application is legally insufficient and is subject to summary denial on the ground of incomplete filing.


Accordingly, you are given an opportunity to remedy these deficiencies, as shown below:


Item 37 Employment


The application shows the respondent born in 1962 and arriving in this country in 1979, yet employment coverage is only back to 1996. If the respondent was working prior to 1996, the application should reflect this information. All periods of unemployment or student status must be shown, as is stated in the instructions to the question.


Item 45 Relatives


The application does not list all four grandparents. Also, aunts and uncles must be shown, is stated in the instructions to the question.


It is recommended that you remedy these defects as soon as possible and re-file the application. The deadline is ______________________.


Failure to do so will result in a written decision on the merits, denying the application as insufficiently filed, cancelling the upcoming Individual Calendar merits hearing date, and order the respondent to leave the country under an order of voluntary departure or removal and deportation, as the facts warrant.



Immigration Judge