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Text of Video Introduction

Welcome. Iím Immigration Judge Rex Ford, from the Krome Immigration Court, and weíre welcoming you to the new Immigration Judge Interactive Benchbook, which has just been updated here in 2008. Many of you will remember last year at the annual Immigration Judge Conference that the new Interactive Benchbook was rolled out to all of you in breakout sessions at the Conference. The book has been updated, has been revamped, and, as we told you last year, has continually been improved.

Youíll notice when you sign on to the Benchbook that now there are five button instead of four at the start. The size of the splash page has been controlled to avoid you having to scroll to find certain items. We have several new features that will help you in crafting your clear, concise, and well-reasoned decision.

This introduction is the first tab that you will be seeing and you can refer back to it as you like for instructions on how to actually use the Benchbook. Youíre going to be seeing a button for Tools for the Immigration Judge, as well as one for Templates, Legal Resources, Alerts, and one entitled Benchbook Updates, which will be in the lower right-hand corner. That link will be important for you to check often because the Benchbook Updates tab advises you when there has been a new posting to the Benchbook thatís time sensitive. The Benchbook Updates tab will also have summaries written on new regulations and new cases by your colleagues and it has been put in their own words and, hopefully, will be of benefit to you.

In the lower right-hand corner of the opening page, you will see a button that says Site Map, and what you can do is click that and you can see a hierarchical format on what actually the Benchbook contains.

You have new checklists, new worksheets, as well as new orders to look at. All of the content of the Benchbook has been placed into a new format for ease for you to create your decision and print out the resources that are there.

Remember that the Benchbook was created by Immigration Judges for Immigration Judges, and your input is always welcome concerning that.

Thank you.

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