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About the Division

The Justice Management Division (JMD), under the direction of the Assistant Attorney General for Administration, provides advice and assistance to senior management officials relating to basic Department policy for budget and financial management, personnel management and training, facilities, procurement, equal employment  opportunity, information processing, records management, security, and all other matters pertaining to organization, management and administration.

These staffs make up the Justice Management Division:

Approved by Eric H. Holder Jr., Attorney General, May 16, 2013 Budget Staff Finance Staff Approved by Eric H. Holder Jr., Attorney General, May 16, 2013 Human Resources Budget Staff Consolidated Executive Office Consolidated Executive Office Debt Collection Management Staff Departmental Ethics Office Office of Records Management Policy Departmental Executive Secretariat Equal Employment Opportunity Staff Security and Emergency Planning Staff Library Staff Facilities and Administrative Services Staff Asset Forfeiture Management Staff Procurement Services Staff Internal Review and Evaluation Office Office of General Counsel Enterprise Solutions Staff Information Technology Security Staff Operations Services Staff Policy and Planning Staff Deputy Assistant Attorney General Information Resources Management Deputy Assistant Attorney General Controller Deputy Assistant Attorney General Human Resources/Administration Deputy Assistant Attorney General Policy, Management and Planning Systems Engineering Staff