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2003 Summary of Property under Seizure with
Lien Values by Type of Property (1)

Values in Thousand
Property Category (2) Ending Balance Net of Non-Valued
$ Value of Liens and
  Number $ Value  
Cash 8,479 $539,156 ($17,352)
Financial & Other Monetary Assets 379 $42,044 ($208)
Real Property 323 $49,625 ($7,992)
Personal Property 8,991 $96,493 ($14,456)
Non-Valued (3) 39,946 $0 $0
Total 58,118 $727,318 ($40,008)

1)This report includes any seized asset that was physically in the custody or control of the US Department of Justice at the end of Fiscal Year 2003.

(2) Federal Financial Accounting and Auditing Technical Release 4, "Reporting Non-Valued Seized and Forfeited Property", requires disclosure of property that does not have a legal market in the United States or does not have a salable value to the Federal Government. This property includes: alcohol, chemicals, drug paraphernalia, gambling devices, pornography, and weapons. Prior year reports listed additional categories of property, including the category "Other". In this report data previously categorized as "Other" is included in "Personal Property".

3) This figure reflects the addition of ATF as a departmental participant in the Asset Forfeiture Program effective January 24, 2003.

Last Updated : February 9, 2004

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