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Summary of Expert and Consultant Employment Data

Office, Board, Division, Bureau:

Name of Appointee:

Title and Organizational Location of Appointee:

Evaluation of Qualifications Based on Completed Federal Application or Resume:

Statement of Duties and Justification of Need for the Position as an Expert or Consultant:

Daily or Hourly Rate of Pay and Justification of Rate:

Tour of Duty:

Intermittent____ Estimated Number of Days to be Worked_____
Regular Tour of Duty ___ Description of Tour__________________

Effective Date of Appointment:

Expiration Date:

Reappointment Date:

Appointment Authority:  5 U.S.C. 3109

Certificate of Understanding:  A Certificate has been obtained from the appointee.

YES ___     NO ___

Expert/Consultant Certificate: A Certificate has been completed.

YES___     NO___

Additional Comments:

Updated: September 2012
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