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USDOJ Data Center Consolidation Plan and Progress Report

October 7, 2011

Download the Plan and Progress Report [PDF]

A Message from the Acting Chief Information Officer

The September 30, 2011 U.S. Department of Justice Data Center Consolidation Plan and Progress Report presents both the accomplishments of the Department of Justice (DOJ) toward IT infrastructure consolidation, as well as the significant work that remains.

The DOJ plan calls for 36 out of a total of 105 data center sites to be consolidated, 30 of which have been consolidated already with an additional 6 sites to be consolidated by end of calendar year 2012.  The Department’s September 2010 plan originally estimated closures beginning in 2013, with none scheduled for consolidation in 2011-12.  The 36 targeted sites represent progress exceeding previous estimates.

The Department has determined that achieving significant additional IT infrastructure consolidation beyond these 36 sites will require a concerted multi-year enterprise initiative that introduces commodity IT infrastructure not present today in DOJ’s historically federated IT environment.  When enterprise planning efforts for this initiative are complete the Department will develop an updated plan that will provide additional specificity on schedule, shared services to be deployed, and impacts to existing data center locations.

Key to the Department’s future IT infrastructure consolidation efforts will be leveraging, expanding and replicating the success achieved in deploying and operating enterprise shared services such as the JSOC (our security operations center), JUTNet, (our enterprise network service) and our TIC (Trusted Internet Connection).   Lessons learned and best practices from our own successful efforts as well as those from other large government and commercial entities will be incorporated into our planning efforts.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction (PDF)

2. Agency Goals for Data Center Consolidation (PDF)

3. Implementing Shared Services/Multi-Tenancy (PDF)

4. Agency Approach, Rationale, and Timeline (PDF)

5. Agency Governance Framework (PDF)

6. Progress (PDF)

Updated: September 2012
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