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Office of the Inspector General

Evaluation and Inspections Division

The Evaluation and Inspections Division provides the Inspector General with an alternative mechanism to traditional audit and investigative disciplines to assess Department of Justice (Department) programs and activities. Much of the work results in recommendations to decisionmakers to streamline operations, reduce unnecessary regulations, improve customer service, and minimize inefficient and ineffective procedures. In addition to assessing Department programs, the Division conducts special reviews requested by the Inspector General or senior Department management that arise suddenly and need immediate attention.


Evaluation and Inspections Division org chart
  • Assistant Inspector General – Nina S. Pelletier
  • Deputy Assistant Inspector General – [vacant]
    • Director, Evaluation and Inspections – Sarah E. Batipps
    • Director, Evaluation and Inspections – Neil C. Lanzendorf
    • Director, Evaluation and Inspections – Gina J. Wong
Updated: September 2013
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