For basic information on how to make a FOIA request, visit our Web site at www.usdoj.gov/foia and click on "Making a FOIA Request."

A. Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all individual agency components and offices that receive FOIA requests.

For these names, addresses, and telephone numbers, visit our Web site at www.usdoj.gov/foia and click on "Department Components."

B. Brief Description of Agency's Response-Time Ranges (On a Component-by-Component Basis).

For a detailed breakdown of each component's response times, see Section VII of this report, Compliance With Time Limits/Status of Pending Requests, on page 16.

C. Brief Description Why Requests are Not Granted.

The most frequent reason why requests are not granted is that no record responsive to the request is located.

The primary reasons for not granting requests for which records are located is that disclosure would result in an unwarranted or clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy or that the records are protected by the deliberative process or attorney work-product privileges.

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