A. Agency-specific acronyms or

other terms

Office of AG Office of the Attorney General
Office of DAG Office of the Deputy Attorney


Office of Assoc. AG Office of the Associate Attorney


Antitrust Antitrust Division
BOP Bureau of Prisons
Civil Civil Division
Civil Rights Civil Rights Division
CRS Community Relations Service
Criminal Criminal Division
DEA Drug Enforcement Administration
ENRD Environment and Natural Resources


EOIR Executive Office for Immigration


EOUSA Executive Office for United

States Attorneys

EOUST Executive Office for United

States Trustees

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCSC Foreign Claims Settlement


INS Immigration and Naturalization


JMD Justice Management Division
NDIC National Drug Intelligence


COPS Office of Community Oriented

Policing Services

ODR Office of Dispute Resolution
OIP Office of Information and


OIPR Office of Intelligence Policy

and Review

Intergovernmental Affairs Office of Intergovernmental


OJP Office of Justice Programs
OLC Office of Legal Counsel
OLA Office of Legislative Affairs
Pardon Attorney Office of Pardon Attorney
OPD Office of Policy Development
OPR Office of Professional Responsibility
Public Affairs Office of Public Affairs
OIG Office of the Inspector General
OSG Office of the Solicitor General
PRAO Professional Responsibility

Advisory Office

Tax Tax Division
USMS U.S. Marshals Service
USNCB U.S. National Central Bureau
USPC U.S. Parole Commission

B. Basic Terms, Expressed in Common


1. FOIA/PA request -- Freedom

of Information Act/Privacy Act request. A FOIA request is generally a request

for access to records concerning a third party, an organization, or a particular

topic of interest. A Privacy Act request is a request for records concerning

oneself; such requests are also treated as FOIA requests. (All requests

for access to records, regardless of which law is cited by the requester,

are included in this report.)

2. Initial Request -- a request

to a federal agency for access to records under the Freedom of Information


3. Appeal -- a request to a federal

agency asking that it review at a higher administrative level a full denial

or partial denial of access to records under the Freedom of Information

Act, or any other FOIA determination such as a matter pertaining to fees.

4. Processed Request or Appeal

-- a request or appeal for which an agency has taken a final action on the

request or the appeal in all respects.

5. Multi-track processing --

a system in which simple requests requiring relatively minimal review are

placed in one processing track and more voluminous and complex requests

are placed in one or more other tracks. Requests in each track are processed

on a first-in/first-out basis. A requester who has an urgent need for records

may request expedited processing (see below).

6. Expedited processing -- an

agency will process a FOIA request on an expedited basis when a requester

has shown an exceptional need or urgency for the records which warrants

prioritization of his or her request over other requests that were made


7. Simple request -- a FOIA request

that an agency using multi-track processing places in its fastest (nonexpedited)

track based on the volume and/or simplicity of records requested.

8. Complex request -- a FOIA

request that an agency using multi-track processing places in a slower track

based on the volume and/or complexity of records requested.

9. Grant -- an agency decision

to disclose all records in full in response to a FOIA request.

10. Partial grant -- an agency

decision to disclose a record in part in response to a FOIA request, deleting

information determined to be exempt under one or more of the FOIA's exemptions;

or a decision to disclose some records in their entireties, but to withhold

others in whole or in part.

11. Denial -- an agency decision

not to release any part of a record or records in response to a FOIA request

because all the information in the requested records is determined by the

agency to be exempt under one or more of the FOIA's exemptions, or for some

procedural reason (such as because no record is located in response to a

FOIA request).

12. Time limits -- the time period

in the Freedom of Information Act for an agency to respond to a FOIA request

(ordinarily 20 working days from proper receipt of a "perfected" FOIA request).

13. "Perfected" request -- a

FOIA request for records which adequately describes the records sought,

which has been received by the FOIA office of the agency or agency component

in possession of the records, and for which there is no remaining question

about the payment of applicable fees.

14. Exemption 3 statute -- a

separate federal statute prohibiting the disclosure of a certain type of

information and authorizing its withholding under FOIA subsection (b)(3).

15. Median number -- the middle,

not average, number. For example, of 3, 7, and 14, the median number is


16. Average number -- the number

obtained by dividing the sum of a group of numbers by the quantity of numbers

in the group. For example, of 3, 7, and 14, the average number is 8.

17. Day -- working day.

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