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Briefs - Introduction

This site seeks to provide convenient access to all briefs (other than responses in IFP cases) filed by the Solicitor General.

Briefs are grouped by the Supreme Court Term during which they are filed.   Note that this is not necessarily the same as the calendar year of the filing, the Term or year the case is argued or decided, or the year shown in the case's docket number.   As explained by the two preceding links, each Term technically begins and ends around October 1.   Beginning, however, with the changeover from the 1998 to the 1999 Term, we will follow the Court's practice of beginning the new Term, for most administrative purposes, when the Court "rises" for the summer toward the end of June.

The means available for locating briefs varies by Term:

  • July, 1998 - present: All briefs (other than IFP responses) are searchable and are listed by type or subject.
  • 1982 - 1996: Selected briefs are searchable. There are also lists of briefs for some, but not all, of these Terms.
  • More details on coverage are available.

Briefs filed after June 30, 1998, are generally available in two formats -- HTML and .pdf (Adobe Acrobat).  Clicking on a brief title will normally take you to the HTML version; the .pdf version should then be available through a link at the top of the HTML file.  More information on these format options is available in the "help" file.

While we endeavor to ensure that electronic copies of briefs on this site are complete and accurate (apart from formatting changes and omission of indexes in HTML versions of briefs, see format options), errors or omissions may occur.   The official text of any brief is the text filed with the Court.

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Search Subject/Client

Most briefs are classified using a limited number of client/subject headings. These headings do not purport to provide comprehensive subject indexing to the briefs. Each brief is keyed to a limited number of headings (often only one), although the case may involve many different legal issues. Also, the heading or headings may be based on the source of the case -- that is, which government agency is involved, or which Division within the Department of Justice handled the case in the lower courts -- rather than on the subject matter of the case. In some cases -- such as those from the Department's Antitrust Division -- the source of a case will typically correlate closely with its subject matter. In other cases -- such as those involving one of the broad variety of agencies and programs represented by the Department's Civil Division -- a client/subject category based on source (such as Civil Division: General) will reveal considerably less about the type of legal issues the case involves. These classifications are for general reference only.



Type of Filing By Term

The Solicitor General files a number of different types of briefs or other pleadings with the Supreme Court, depending primarily on (i) the type of case, (ii) the stage of proceedings, and (iii) whether the government is a party to the case or an amicus curiae. Select the Term for which you would like to browse briefs, arranged by type of filing.

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Briefs 1982-1997

At this time, lists of available briefs exist for only some of the older Terms. For other older Terms, you may locate some briefs only by searching.

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Search and View Briefs

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