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Tribal Courts

Bureau of Prisons TLOA Pilot Project

Census of Tribal Justice Agencies in Indian Country

The Changing Federal Role in Indian Country

Healing to Wellness Courts: A Preliminary Overview of Tribal Drug Courts

Evaluation/Assessment of Navajo Peacemaking

Improving Criminal History Records in Indian Country

Improving Safety in Indian Country

Improving the Administration of Justice in Tribal Communities Through Information Sharing & Resource Sharing

Justice in Indian Country: Evaluation of Indian Country Justice Initiative

National American Indian Court Judges Association

National Methamphetamine Initiative Survey

National Tribal Judicial Center

National Tribal Justice Resource Center

Native American Youth and the Juvenile Justice System

Report of the Executive Committee for Indian Country Law Enforcement Improvements

Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering and Tracking (SMART) Office

State and Tribal Courts: Strategies for Bridging the Divide

Strengthening and Rebuilding Tribal Justice Systems:  Evaluation of the Comprehensive Indian Resources for Community and Law Enforcement (CIRCLE) Project

Strengthening and Rebuilding Tribal Justice Systems: Learning From History and Looking Towards the Future

Summary of Tribal Drug Court Activity

Taking Control of Methamphetamine in Our Communities

Tribal Courts Assistance Program

Tribal Court CASA

Tribal Court Clearinghouse

Tribal Crime Data Reporting: A Step by Step Guide

Tribal Domestic Violence Case Law

Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts

Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts: Program Development Guide

Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts: The Judge’s Bench Book

Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts: Treatment Guidelines for Adults and Juveniles

Tribal Justice and Safety in Indian Country

Tribal Legal Code Resource: Domestic Violence Laws

Tribal Legal Code Resource: Sexual Assault & Stalking Laws

Tribal Probation: An Overview for Tribal Court Judges

Tribal Prosecutor Sexual Assault Protocols

Tribal Protection Order Website

Working Together to Combat Meth in Indian Country

General Information Office of Tribal Justice
Tracy Toulou
Director, Office of Tribal Justice
Office of Tribal Justice
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