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Background Checks for Firearm Transfers, 2005, November 2006
Background Checks for Firearm Transfers, 2007 - Statistical Tables, July 2008


Bank Robbery, April 2007
Batterer Intervention: Program Approaches and Criminal Justice Strategies, February 1998


Bellows Report: Final Report of the Attorney General's Review Team on the Handling of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Investigation, May 2000 FOIA Redacted Version
Benefits and Consequences of Police Crackdowns, August 2006
BIA Practice Manual and Questions and Answers Regarding Proceedings and Questions and Answers Regarding Oral Argument
BIA Precedent Decisions
BIA Pro Bono Project is Successful, October 2004
Birmingham, Alabama Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Bombing September 15, 1963
Bitter Earth: Child Sexual Abuse In Indian Country, September 1999
Black Victims of Violent Crime, August 2007
Board of Immigration Appeals see BIA
Bomb Threats in Schools, July 2006
Bombs in Brooklyn: How the Two Illegal Aliens Arrested for Plotting to Bomb the New York Subway Entered and Remained in the United States, March 1998

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Bridging Gaps in Police Crime Data, July 1999
A Brief History of Alcatraz
Bringing Victims into Community Policing
Budget and Performance Summary
Budget Fact Sheets
Bullying in Schools, July 2006
Bureau of Justice Statistics 2002: At a Glance, August 2002
Bureau of Justice Statistics Publications Catalog 1997, August 1997
Bureau of Prisons' Background Investigation and Reinvestigation Program, December 1999
Bureau of Prisons Published Reports
Bureau of Prisons Quick Facts
Bureau of Prisons Weekly Population Report
Burglary at Single-Family House Construction Sites, September 2006
Burglary of Retail Establishments, July 2006
Burglary of Single-Family Houses, August 2004
But They All Come Back: Rethinking Prisoner Reentry, May 2000


By the Numbers: A Guide for Analyzing Race Data from Vehicle Stops
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