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Call Management and Community Policing
Calling 311: Guidelines for Policymakers
Campus Law Enforcement, 2004-05, February 2008
Can Federal Intervention Bring Lasting Improvement in Policing?
Capital Punishment, 2005, December 2006
Capital Punishment, 2006 - Statistical Tables
Carjacking 1993-2002, July 2004
Census of Jails 1999, September 2001
Census of Publicly Funded Forensic Crime Laboratories, 2005, July 2008
Census of State and Federal Correctional Facilities, 2000, August 2003
Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, 2004, June 2007
Census of Tribal Justice Agencies in Indian Country, 2002, December 2005
Challenging the Conditions of Prisons and Jails: A Report on Section 1983 Litigation, February 1995
Changes in Criminal Victimization 1994-95, April 1997
Characteristics of Drivers Stopped By Police, 2002, June 2006
Characteristics of State Parole Supervising Agencies, 2006, August 2008
Check and Card Fraud, August 2004
Checklist for Readily Achievable Barrier Removal, 1995
A Chief's Toolkit for Community Policing: Ten Tips for a Safer City
Child Care Centers and the Americans With Disabilities Act, November 1997
Child Pornography on the Internet, May 2006
Child Rape Victims, 1992, June 1994
Child Sexual Abuse in Indian Country: Bitter Earth, September 1999
Child Sexual Exploitation: Improving Investigations and Protecting Victims, January 1995
Child Victimizers: Violent Offenders and Their Victims, March 1996
Children at Clandestine Methamphetamine Labs, Helping Meth's Youngest Victims, June 2003
Children Exposed To Violence: Criminal Justice Resources, June 1999
Children's Justice Act Partnerships for Indian Communities, December 2004
Children's Justice Act Partnerships for Indian Communities - Addendum Synopsis of the CJA Programs, December 2004
The CIA-Contra-Crack Cocaine Controversy: A Review of the Justice Department's Investigations and Prosecutions (December 1997)

Table of Contents with links to report sections

Epilogue (July 1998)

Citizen Complaints about Police Use of Force, June 2006
Civil Jury Cases and Verdicts in Large Counties: Civil Justice Survey of State Courts, 1992, July 1995
Civil Rights Complaints in U.S. District Courts, 2000, July 2002
Civil Rights Forum
Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act, Annual Report to Congress
Civil Trial Cases and Verdicts in Large Counties, 2001, April 2004
Clandestine Methamphetamine Labs, 2nd Edition, August 2006
Closing Streets and Alleys to Reduce Crime: Should You Go Down this Road?, September 2004
Coach's Playbook Against Drugs


Combating Methamphetamine Laboratories and Abuse: Strategies for Success
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: What Do We Know and What Do We Do About it, November 2007
Common ADA Errors and Omissions in New Construction and Alterations


Common ADA Problems at Newly Constructed Lodging Facilities, November 1999


Commonly Asked Questions About Child Care Centers and the Americans with Disabilities Act, October 1997
Commonly Asked Questions About Service Animals in Places of Business, July 1996
Commonly Asked Questions About the Americans with Disabilities Act and Law Enforcement, December 2003
Commonly Asked Questions About Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act
Commonly Asked Questions And Answers Regarding Executive Order 13166, Providing Meaningful Access to Individuals Who Are Limited English Proficient to Federally Assisted and Federally Conducted Programs and Activities
Community Outreach Through Police in Schools, August 2003
Community Policing, Community Justice, and Restorative Justice, September 1999
Community Policing Explained: A Guide for Local Governments
Community Policing for Mayors: A Municipal Service Model for Community Policing and Beyond
Community Policing in Action! A Practitioner's Eye View of Organizational Change
Community Policing In Local Police Departments, 1997 and 1999, February 2001
Community Relations Service Annual Report
Comparing Case Processing Statistics, April 1998
Compendium of State Security and Privacy Legislation: Overview 2002, November 2003
Competition and Monopoly: Single-Firm Conduct Under Section 2 of the Sherman Act: A Report by the U.S. Department of Justice, September 2008
Competition in the Real Estate Brokerage Industry, April 2007
Concept of Operations Plan see CONPLAN
Conducted Energy Devices: Development of Standards for Consistency and Guidance
Conducting Community Surveys: A Practical Guide for Law Enforcement Agencies
Conducting Research in FBI Records, A Guide, April 2010


Confidential Informants, Department of Justice Guidelines Regarding the Use of, January 2001
Congressional Budget Submission
Connecting the Dots for a Proactive Approach
CONPLAN: United States Government Interagency Domestic Terrorism Concept of Operations Plan, January 2001
Consumer Alert - Mortgage Foreclosure Scams, November 2005
Contacts Between Police and the Public, 2005, April 2007
Continuing Criminal History Records Improvement Evaluation: Final 1994-98 Report, February 2000
Contract Trials and Verdicts in Large Counties, 2001, February 2005
Controlled Unclassified Information
Coordination of Investigations by the Department of Justice Violent Crime Task Forces, May 2007
Corporate Fraud Task Force Report to the President, 2008, June 2008
Correctional Populations in the United States –Statistical Tables, September 2002
The Costs of Crime to Victims, February 1994
Creating an Effective Stalking Protocol
Creative Partnerships: Supporting Youth, Building Communities
Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping Information Clearinghouse, 8th Edition
Crime Analysis for Problem Solvers in 60 Small Steps
Crime Analysis in America
Crime Analysis in America: Findings and Recommendations
Crime and Justice in the United States and England and in England and Wales, 1981-96, October 1998
Crime and Neighborhoods, July 1994
Crime and the Nation's Households, 2005, April 2007
Crime and Victimization in the Three Largest Metropolitan Areas, 1980-98, February 2005
Crime Data Requests 1994-96: A Review of Requests for Crime Information from the State Law Enforcement Division of South Carolina, March 1998
Crime in Schools and Colleges, October 2007
Crime in the United States
Crime Prevention Publicity Campaigns, June 2006
Crime Victim's Right to Be Present, January 2002
Crimes Against Persons Age 65 or Older, 1993-2002, January 2005
Crimes Against Tourists, July 2004
Criminal Calls: A Review of the Bureau of Prisons' Management of Inmate Telephone Privileges. August 1999

Executive Summary

Report's Table Of Contents with links to Report Sections

Criminal Intelligence Sharing
Criminal Justice 2000, July 2000
Criminal Referrals by the United States Trustee Program, Fiscal Year 2006 , (June 14, 2007)
Criminal Tax Manual
Criminal Victimization, 1973-95, April 1997
Criminal Victimization 1994: National Crime Victimization Survey, April 1996
Criminal Victimization 2006, December 2007
Criminal Victimization and Perceptions of Community Safety in 12 Cities, 1998, June 1999.
Criminal Victimization in the United States -- Statistical Tables
Criminalization of Domestic Violence: Promises and Limits, January 1996
CRIPA see Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act
Cross-National Studies in Crime and Justice, September 2004
Cruising, January 2005
Cybercrime against Businesses, 2005, September 2008
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