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Early Intervention System: A Tool to Encourage & Support High Quality Performance, September 2006
Early Intervention Systems for Law Enforcement: A Planning and Management Guide, August 2003
Education and Correctional Populations, January 2003
Effects of NIBRS on Crime Statistics, July 2000
Effects of the Redesign on Victimization Estimates, April 1997
E-Government Status Report
FY 2011 (PDF) | FY 2010 (PDF) | FY 2009 (PDF) | FY 2008 (PDF)
Electronic Commerce: Legal Issues
Electronic Crime Scene Investigation: An At-The-Scene Reference for First Responders, November 2009
Employee Conduct: Investigations & Discipline, September 2006
Enforcement of Protective Orders, January 2002
Enforcing the ADA: A Status Report from the Department of Justice
Enforcing the ADA: Looking Back On a Decade of Progress, July 2000
Enhancing the Problem-Solving Capacity of Crime Analysis Units, April 2008
Environment and Natural Resources Division Summary of Litigation Accomplishments
EOIR see Executive Office for Immigration Review
Equal Credit Opportunity Act Amendments of 1976, Annual Reports to Congress

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Equal Employment Opportunity Strategic Plan, 2008-2012
Ethics Manual for Members of the Board of Immigration Appeals, Immigration Judges, and Administrative Law Judges Employed by the Executive Office for Immigration Review, April 2001
E-Share Information Booklet for State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, October 2006
Evaluation of the Children At Risk Program: Results 1 Year After the End of the Program, November 1999


Evaluation of the D.C. Superior Court Drug Intervention Programs, April 2000


Executions of Federal Prisoners Since 1927
Executive Office for Immigration Review Information Quality Guidelines for Information Disseminated to the Public, February 2008
Exhibit 300s
Exploitation of Trafficked Women, February 2006
Extent, Nature, and Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence: Findings From the National Violence Against Women Survey, July 2000

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