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Jail Information Model, November 2006
Jail Inmates at Midyear 2007, November 2008
Jail Inmates at Midyear 2008, March 2009
Jail Inmates at Midyear 2009, June 2010
Jail Inmates at Midyear 2010, April 2011
Jail Inmates at Midyear 2011, April 2012
Jails and Jail Inmates, 1993-94, April 1995
Jails in Indian Country 2010, December 2011
Jails in Indian Country 2009, February 2011
Jails in Indian Country 2008, December 2009
Jails in Indian Country 2007, November 2008
Jails in Indian Country 2004, November 2006
Judgment Collection Manual, May 2004
Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program, 2005, July 2005
Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program, 2010, April 2011
Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program, 2011, March 2012
Justice Expenditure and Employment Extracts
Justice Expenditure and Employment in the United States, 2003, April 2006
Justice Today
Justice Variable Passthrough Data, 1997, November 2001
JUSTINFO Newsletter
Juvenile Arrests 2004, December 2006
Juvenile and Family Drug Courts: Profile of Program Characteristics and Implementation Issues, June 1998
Juvenile Court Statistics 2006-2007, March 2010
Juvenile Delinquents in the Federal Criminal Justice System, January 1997
Juvenile Felony Defendants in Criminal Courts, September 98
Juvenile Felony Defendants in Criminal Courts: Survey of 40 Countries, 1998, May 2003
Juvenile Runaways, March 2006
Juvenile Victimization and Offending 1993-2003, August 2005
Juveniles Prosecuted in State Criminal Court, March 1997
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