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Making Collaboration Work: The Experiences of Denver Victim Services 2000, December 2002
Making Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Programs Accessible to People with Disabilities, August 2006
Making the Match: Law Enforcement, the Faith Community and the Value-Based Initiative, January 2004
Management of the Office of Justice Programs’ Grant Programs for Trafficking Victims, August 2008
Managing Calls to the Police with 911/311 Systems, February 2005
Manual and Procedures for Providing Reasonable Accommodation, October 2002
A Manual for Clergy and Congregations: Victims of Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse, Rape, Robbery, Assault, and Violent Death, 1996
Manual of Crime Analysis Map Production, November 2001
Mapping for Community-Based Prisoner Reentry Efforts, July 2007
Marketing Community Policing in the News, August 2003
Mass-Marketing Fraud, May 2003 1.41 MB
McNulty Memorandum, December 2006
Measurement of Police Integrity, May 2000


Measurement of White-Collar Crime Using Uniform Crime Reporting Data, 1.33 MB
Measuring Excellence: Planning and Managing Evaluations of Law Enforcement Initiatives, August 2007
Mediating Citizen Complaints against Police Officers: A Guide For Police And Community Leaders, August 2002
Mediation Program, ADA
Medical Causes of Death in State Prisons, 2001-2004, January 2007
Medical Examiners and Coroners' Offices, 2004, June 2007
Medical Malpractice Insurance Claims in Seven States, 2000-2004, March 2007
Medical Malpractice Trials and Verdicts in Large Counties, 2001, April 2004
Medical Problems of Inmates, 1997, January 2001
Medical Problems of Jail Inmates, November 2006
Medical Problems of Prisoners, April 2008
Mental Health and Community Safety Initiative for American Indian/Alaska Native Children, April 2002
Mental Health and Treatment of Inmates and Probationers, July 1999
Mental Health Problems of Prison and Jail Inmates, September 2006
Mental Health Treatment in State Prisons, 2000, July 2001
Methamphetamine Initiative Final Environmental Assessment, May 2003
Mishandling of Classified Documents by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, September 2008
Misuse and Abuse of 911, August 2002
Money Laundering Offenders 1994-2001, July 2003
Mortgage Foreclosure Scams
Multicultural Implications of Restorative Justice: Potential Pitfalls and Dangers, July 2000
Murder in Families, July 1994
Murder in Large Urban Counties, 1988, May 1993
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