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National Conference of Juvenile Justice Records: Appropriate Criminal and Noncriminal Justice Uses, May 1997
National Conference on Criminal History Records--Brady and Beyond, January 1995
National Conference on Sex Offender Registries, May 1998
National Corrections Reporting Program Series
National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact: Resource Materials, January 1999
National Crime Victimization Survey, 1995: Preliminary Findings, September 1996
National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) Redesign:

Fact Sheet, October 1994

Press Release, October 1994

Questions & Answers, October 1994

Technical Background, October 1994

National Criminal History Improvement Program, Fiscal Year 2005 Program Announcement, February 2005
National Criminal Justice Reference Service Publications/Products
National Data Collection on Police Use of Force, May 1996
National Drug Code (NDC) Dictionary
National Drug Threat Assessment 2008
National Evaluation of Weed and Seed, Research in Brief, June 1999
National Evaluation of Weed and Seed Cross-Site Analysis, Research Report, July 1999
National Evaluation of Weed and Seed: Pittsburgh Case Study, Research Report, June 1999
National Firearms Act Handbook
National Forensic Laboratory Information System (NFLIS) Annual Report
National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)

Addendum to the NIBRS Volumes

Conversion of NIBRS Data to Summary Data

Data Collection Guidelines

Data Submission Specifications

Developments in the NIBRS

Error Message Manuals

Handbook for Acquiring a Records Management System (RMS) that is Compatible with the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), 6.46 MB

Measurement of White-Collar Crime Using Uniform Crime Reporting Data, 1.33 MB

NIBRS Addendum for submitting LEOKA Data

NIBRS Frequently Asked Questions

NIBRS Incident Specific Questions

The Structure of Family Violence: An Analysis of Selected Incidents

Victims and Offenders: A New UCR Supplement to present Incident-Based Data from Participating Agencies

National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Information
National Institute of Justice Publications
National Methamphetamine Threat Assessment 2008, December 2007 20.68 MB
National Money Laundering Strategy for 2007
National Policy Summit: Building Private Security/Public Policing Partnerships, August 2005
National Resource Directory of Victim Assistance Funding Opportunities, May 2000
National Security Division Progress Report, April 2008
National Sellers List (Forfeited Property Auctions)
National Sex Offender Registry Assistance Program (NSOR-AP), Fiscal Year 1988 Program Announcement, March 2008
National Summit on Campus Public Safety, September 2004
National Survey of Victim-Offender Mediation Programs in the United States, April 2000
National Victim Assistance Academy 2002 Instructor's Manual
The Nation's Two Crime Measures, October 2004
New Directions From the Field: Victims' Rights and Services For the 21st Century, 1998


Strategies for Implementation Tools For Action Guide, February 2000

NIBRS see National Incident-Based Reporting System
No More Victims. Know More. Ask OVC
Noncitizens in the Federal Criminal Justice System, 1984-94: Federal Justice Statistics Program, August 1996
Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Federally Assisted Programs
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