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Safe Harbor: A School-Based Victim Assistance/Violence Prevention Program, January 2003
School Crime, 1991, September 1991
School Crisis Response Initiative, September 2003
The School Shooter: A Threat Assessment Perspective
School Vandalism and Break-Ins, August 2005
Searching and Seizing Computers and Obtaining Electronic Evidence in Criminal Investigations, July 2009
Security Clearance Process for State and Local Law Enforcement


Sentencing in the Federal Courts: Does Race Matter? The Transition to Sentencing Guidelines, 1986-90, December 1993
September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Report

Volume I 7.79 MB

Volume II 15.85 MB

Settlement Reference Manual, April 2009
Sex Differences in Violent Victimization, 1994, September 1997
Sex Offenses and Offenders, February 1997
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) - Development & Operation Guide, August 1999

PDF 4.75 MB

Sexual Assault of Young Children as Reported to Law Enforcement, July 2000
Sexual Victimization of College Women, December 2002
Sexual Victimization in State and Federal Prisons Reported by Inmates, 2007, December 2007
Sexual Violence Reported by Correctional Authorities, 2006, August 2007
Sexual Violence Reported by Juvenile Correctional Authorities, 2005-06, July 2008
Sheriffs' Offices, 2003, April 2006
Shifting and Sharing Responsibility for Public Safety Problems, August 2005
Shoplifting, July 2007
SMART Watch Newsletter
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, 2003, September 2005
Speaking Out Against Drug Legalization, April 2000
Special Report for Consumers on Identity Theft, May 2003
Special Report for Retail Businesses on Identity Theft, May 2003
Speeding in Residential Areas, August 2003
Spouse Murder Defendants in Large Urban Counties, October 1995
Stalking, March 2006
State and Federal Corrections Information Systems, October 1998
State Court Organization, 1987-2004, October 2007
State Court Prosecutors in Large Districts, December 2001
State Court Prosecutors in Small Districts, 2001, January 2003
State Court Sentencing of Convicted Felons, 2004 - Statistical Tables, July 2007
State Legislative Approaches to Funding for Victims' Rights, October 2003
State Legislators' Handbook for Statutory Rape Issues, 2/00,


State Prison Expenditures, June 2004
State Use of Incident-Based Crime Statistics, February 1999
Statistical Yearbook, Executive Office for Immigration Review, 2003




Sting Operations, November 2007
Strategic Plan 2008-2013 EOIR
Strategic Plans - Department of Justice
Street Prostitution, 2nd Edition, November 2006
Street Racing, December 2004
Strengthening Antistalking Statutes, January 2002
Student Party Riots, April 2006
Students' Report of School Crime: 1989 and 1995, April 1998
Subgrantees' Training Guide - Victims of Crime Act Victim Assistance Grant Program, 9/99
Substance Abuse and Treatment of Adults on Probation, 1995, March 1998
Substance Abuse and Treatment, State and Federal Prisoners, 1997, December 1998
Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in the Federal Bureau of Prisons
Summary of Human Subjects Protection Issues Related To Large Sample Surveys, June 2001
Summons Enforcement Manual, May 2006
Superfund Activities in the Environment and Natural Resources Division for Fiscal Years 2004 and 2005, September 2007 1.74 MB
Support for the Department in Conducting an Analysis of Diversity in The Attorney Workforce, Final Report, June 20s02 3.80 MB
Survey of DNA Crime Laboratories, 2001, January 2002
Survey of State Prison Inmates, 1991, May 1993
Survey of State Procedure Related to Firearm Sales, 2003 Midyear, August 2004
Survey of the Federal Death Penalty System, 1988-2000, September 2000
Survivors of Politically Motivated Torture: A Large, Growing, and Invisible Population of Crime Victims, January 2000
Synthetic Drug Control Strategy, 2006
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