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1873. Appeal of Agency Denial of Request for Exception to Department of Justice Drug Evidence Destruction Policy (28 C.F.R. §50.21; USAM 9-100.100)

Prosecuting office contact / telephone ____________________________________

Agency contact / telephone _____________________________________________

Agency exhibit no(s). __________________________________________________

Drug quantity and type _________________________________________________

Quantity prosecutor requests retained _____________________________________

Reason(s) for retention* (include case status; add additional pages if necessary)





*Prosecutors are strongly discouraged from filing an exception request on the grounds that the full seizure is needed for jury appeal or other purely strategic purposes.

Please include copies of:

(1) 60-day destruction notice from the investigative agency; (2) Request for exception; (3) Agency letter denying request for exception.

You may also include a brief explanatory memorandum.


Please send completed form and supporting documentation to:

Chief, Narcotic and Dangerous Drug Section, Criminal Division
Via e-mail:

[updated June 2012] [cited in USAM 9-100.100]

Updated May 22, 2015