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43. Judgment On Stipulation Of Just Compensation

(Caption as in Complaint)


Pursuant to a stipulation filed in this cause agreeing to the amount of just compensation for the taking of the property herein, it is by the Court this day of , 19__,

ADJUDGED AND ORDERED that the just compensation payable by the plaintiff for the taking of the fee simple title absolute to said lands is the sum of $, inclusive of interest, 1 and judgment is hereby entered against in the aforesaid amount, and the said shall deposit the additional sum of $, in the registry of this Court in satisfaction of the judgment.

United States District Judge

Consented to:

Attorney, Department of Justice

In a complaint only case, eliminate the words "inclusive of interest."

[cited in USAM 5-15.640; ENRD Resource Manual 17]

Updated May 14, 2015