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EOUSA Resource Manual

1. -8. [RESERVED]
9. Audio/Video Tape Lending Library
10. -63. [RESERVED]
64. Upward Mobility Program
65. -66. [RESERVED]
67. Implementation of Affirmative Employment Programs
68. Training
69. EEOC Responsibilities


Racial/Ethnic Codes
72. Responsibilities of the Complainant
73. Dismissal and Appeal of Complaints
74. Withdrawing Complaints
75. Investigation of Individual Employment Discrimination Complaints
76. On Completion of Investigation
77. Department of Justice Final Agency Decision
78. Appeals from the Final Agency Decision
79. Payment of Costs
80. Retention of Personnel Records Relative to EEO Complaint Processing
81. Processing Allegations of Discrimination or Harassment Because of Sexual Orientation—Precomplaint Counseling
82. Sexual Orientation Complaints—Formal Complaints of Discrimination
83. Sexual Orientation Complaints—Adjudication Officer (CAO) Review and Decision
84. Sexual Orientation Complaints—Remedies and Relief
85. Sexual Orientation Complaints—Representation and Official Time
86. Class Action Complaints
87. Filing of Class Complaint
88. Acceptance, Rejection or Cancellation of a Class Complaint
89. Notification and Opting Out
90. Evidence Concerning the Complaint and Opportunities for Informal Resolution
91. Hearing
92. Notification of Class Members of Decision
93. Corrective Action
94. Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) Complaints
95. Mixed Case Complaints
96. Investigation of Allegations of Discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Federally Conducted Programs
97. -112. [RESERVED]
113. Delegation of Procurement Authority
114. Property Management Definitions
115. Property Management Responsibilities
116. Property Management—Physical Inventories
117. Property Management—Conducting Physical Inventories
119. Office Files -- Docket Records
120. -123 [RESERVED]
124. Preparing Records for Transfer to the Federal Records Center (FRC)
127. Standardized Forms
128. Reporting and Transcription Services
129. Use of Official Court Reporters
130. Official Use of Government Vehicles Between Residence and Place Of Employment
132. Deputation—Special United States Marshal—Use of Firearms
134. District Security Plan
136. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
137. Sanctions for Violating FOIA
138. Procedure for Request Under the Privacy Act
139. Routine Uses" and Exemptions
140. Systems of Records
141. Privacy Act—Relation to Civil and Criminal Discovery
142. Judicial Remedies and Penalties for Violating the Privacy Act
146. Federal Government Employees— Expenses for Travel
147. -149. [RESERVED]
150. Motor Vehicle Management— Acquisition of Leased Government Vehicles
151. Using State License Plates on Official Government Vehicles
152. Credit for Multi-District Forfeiture Cases
154. Department of Justice Policy on Seat Belt Use
156. Information Security—Grand Jury Information—Guidelines for Handling Documents Obtained by the Grand Jury
158. Space Allocation Standards for USAOs—Preamble
159. Space Allocation Standards for USAOs—I. General
160. Space Allocation Standards for USAOs—II. Office Location
161. Space Allocation Standards for USAOs—III. Desired Structural Requirements
162. Space Allocation Standards for USAOs—IV. Architectural Finish Requirements
163. Space Allocation Standards for USAOs—V. Individual Office Standards (part one)
164. Space Allocation Standards for USAOs—V. Individual Office Standards (part two)
165. -185. [RESERVED]
186. Forfeited Vehicles and Other Property
Updated December 18, 2015