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17. Tax Division Case Status Report Form

DEFENDANT(S)'S NAME(S): ______________________________________

DISTRICT: _____________________________________________________

DATE OF INDICTMENT (NO BILL) (Attach copy of indictment (no bill): _______________________________________________________________

DATE OF ARRAIGNMENT AND KIND OF PLEA: _______________________________________________________________

DATE OF GUILTY PLEA: _________________________________________

DATE OF TRIAL: ________________________________________________

TRIAL JUDGE: __________________________________________________

JURY OR NONJURY TRIAL: ________________________________________

VERDICT AND DATE VERDICT RETURNED: ______________________________________________________

DATE AND TERMS OF SENTENCE (Attach copy of Judgment and Commitment Order):________________________________________________________



DATE OF APPEAL: _______________________________________________

APPELLATE DECISION AND DATE THEREOF (Attach copy of opinion): __________________________________________________________

Please mail the completed form to P.O. Box 972, Ben Franklin Station, Washington, D.C. 20044 to the attention of the Chief of the appropriate Tax Division Criminal Enforcement Section.

[Updated September 2007] [cited in USAM 6-4.248]

Updated May 13, 2015