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December 2012

December 28, 2012

Eagle Man sentenced to 23 months

December 21, 2012

Company convicted of Clean Air Act asbestos crime

December 19, 2012

Sacramento Man sentenced for drug conspiracy

December 19, 2012

Owner of pavement painting business sentenced in Alaska for illegally disposing hazardous waste

December 17, 2012

Seven indicted in methylone conspiracy that resulted in death

December 14, 2012

Former Ketchikan Resident indicted on illegal Possession of firearm

December 14, 2012

Three Ketchikan Men sentenced to federal prison for money laundering conspiracy

December 14, 2012

Felon indicted on drug charges, illegal possession of firearms

December 12, 2012

Sacramento Man sentenced for drug conspiracy

December 12, 2012

Grand Jury indicts former owner of Valley Dairy with fraud related to $643,00 in USDA Grant Funds

December 11, 2012

Second former Executive Director of Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission sentenced to 6 months in prison

November 2012

November 29, 2012

Former Executive Director of Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission sentenced to 41 months in prison

November 29, 2012

Anchorage Felon sentenced for possession of firearm

November 21, 2012

Anchorage Man sentenced to combined 120 months

November 21, 2012

North Carolina Man sentenced to 9 years for distribution of child pornography

November 15, 2012

Oregon Man sentenced for commercial fishing crimes

November 13, 2012

Anchorage Man sentenced to 10 years in prison

November 9, 2012

Anchorage Man sentenced for distributing crack cocaine

November 8, 2012

Fairbanks Men sentenced to 46 and 28 months

November 2, 2012

Fairbanks Man sentenced to 24 months

November 2, 2012

German Shipping Companies convicted in Alaska and Texas for Environmental crimes

October 2012

October 11, 2012

Kenai Man convicted of tax evasion and remanded to jail, pending sentencing

October 11, 2012

Kenai Man sentenced to 32 months for being a felon in possession of a firearm

October 11, 2012

Juneau Woman Arraigned for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine

October 4, 2012

Juneau Prosecutor to Recieve Attorney General's Award

September 2012

September 28, 2012

Tour guide sentenced for theft of fossiles from public land

September 18, 2012

Leader of poly-drug trafficking and international money laudering ring sentenced to 210 months in prison

September 14, 2012

Cocaine trafficker sentenced to life without parole

September 14, 2012

Marijuana grow operator sentenced to prison

September 12, 2012

Real estate developer admits to submitting false information to credit untion to obtain $4 million in construction loan funds

September 7, 2012

Unalakleet Man sentenced to 24 months

August 2012

August 31, 2012

Final Defendant Sentenced in child sex trafficking and prostitution ring

August 31, 2012

Anchorage drug dealer sentenced for distibuting crack cocaine

August 31, 2012

Drug trafficking conspirator recieves 180 month sentence

August 31, 2012

Members of large Alaska drug conspiracy indicted

August 29, 2012

Anchorage Residents sentenced for drug trafficking conspiracy

August 28, 2012

Master guide sentenced for big game guiding offense

August 28, 2012

Felon sentenced to 42 months for firearm and drug possession

August 27, 2012

Salcha couple pleads guilty to conspiracy to murder federal officials

August 24, 2012

Three charged in conspiracy to import and distribute bath salts

August 24, 2012

Hong Kong Company sentenced for defrauding U.S. Customs

August 23, 2012

Two Juneau men sentenced to federal prison for drug conspiracy

August 17, 2012

Owner of pavement painting business pleads guilty to illegally disposing hazardous waste

August 12, 2012

Former Anchorage Man pleads guilty to fraud and money laundering in scheme to swindle investors

August 7, 2012

Cocaine trafficker sentenced to ten years in federal prison

August 6, 2012

Former Anchorage man pleads guilty to fraud and money laundering in scheme to swindle investors

August 3, 2012

Oregon man convicted of fishing crime

August 2, 2012

Woman recieves 60 month sentence for selling meth

August 1, 2012

Anchorage man convicted of falsely advertising alaska native made product

August 1, 2012

Valdez couple pleads guilty to tax evasion of more than $190,000

July 2012

July 30, 2012

Juneau and Sacramento Residents sentenced for conspiracy

July 30, 2012

Gustavus Man pleads guilty to DUI

July 23, 2012

Kodiak Man sentenced for possession of meth

July 20, 2012

Juneau Man charged with meth conspiracy

July 19, 2012

Superseding indictment charges eleven people in $19 million tax fraud and identity theft conspiracy

July 13, 2012

North Pole Man sentenced for meth possession

July 12, 2012

Eighth defendants sentenced in money laundering scheme

June 2012

June 28, 2012

Manokotak felon sentenced to 59 months in prison for possessing firearm

June 28, 2012

Anchorage felon pleads guilty to fire are possession

June 27, 2012

Drug trafficking conspirator recieves 150-month sentence

June 20, 2012

Anchorage man sentenced to 160 months for conspiracy to distribute synthetic heroin

June 19, 2012

Guilty verdicts in USA v Cox, Barney and Vernon

June 15, 2012

Anchorage woman sentenced to 7 years in prison for running ponzi scheme

June 15, 2012

Tugboat captain sentenced for hitting Bleigh Reef and discharging oil

June 15, 2012

Final co-defendant in Fairbanks drug conspiracy sentenced

June 1, 2012

Fairbanks woman sentenced in money laundering conspiracy

May 2012

May31, 2012

Adoptive parents indicted for defrauding son of lawsuit proceeds

May 15, 2012

Prolific cocaine trafficker sentenced to 27 years in federal prison

May 11, 2012

Residents cited for allegation of illegal trade of walrus ivory and polar bear hides

April 2012

April 26, 2012

Washington Stateman sentenced for embezzling federal funds

April 24, 2012

Ted Nugent pleads guilty to and sentenced for violating lacey act

April 20, 2012

Former Dot Lake Village council president sentenced for theft

April 19, 2012

Anchorage big game guide indicted for wildlife crimes

April 18, 2012

Anchorage man indicted for kidnapping and killing Samantha Koenig

April 17, 2012

Wasilla return preparer charged in scheme to prepare false tax returns for drug dealers

April 6, 2012

Four-time convicted felon recieves 34-month sentences

April 6, 2012

Boston doctor sentenced for traveling to engage in sex with a minor

March 2012

March 22, 2012

Master of FV ChisikIisland charged with polluting St. Paul Harbor, Kodiak

March 21, 2012

Bethel man sentenced to 180 months

March 20, 2012

Anchorage woman sentenced on multiple tax charges

March 16, 2012

Sacramento woman sentenced to time served for drug conspracy

March 16, 2012

Juneau meth dealer sentenced to 10 years in federal prison

March 7, 2012

Last of eleven defendants convicted for role in expansive cocaine. methamphetamine and heroin trafficking, international money laundering network

March 7, 2012

Anchorage crack dealer receives 97-month sentence

March 7, 2012

U.S. army captian pleads guilty to acception illegal gratuities related to contracting in support of iraq war

March 6, 2012

Two juneau drug dealers indicted by federal grand jury

February 2012

February 29, 2012

Anchorage meth dealer recieves 80-Month sentence

February 29, 2012

Anchorage man sentenced on felon in possession charge

February 23, 2012

Eight defendants charged in conspiracy to launder proceeds of oxycodone distribution plead guilty

February 23, 2012

3 indicted in large fairbanks and anchorage cocaine distibution ring

February 23, 2012

Ketchikan man sentenced for illegal trafficking of seal skin

February 16, 2012

Kobuk man sentenced to 46 months

February 7, 2012

Former fisheries aide sentenced to five months incarceration for fisheies crimes

February 1, 2012

Six fairbanks men arrested on indictment for drug conspiracy

February 1, 2012

Juneau man sentenced for violation of the migratory bird treaty act

February 1, 2012

Ketchikan man sentenced to seven years in federal prison for being a felon in possession of a firearm

February 1, 2012

Anchorage Meth Dealer recieves 120-month sentence

January 2012

January 1, 2012

Happy New Years

January 26, 2012

Kenai Woman Indicted on Multiple Drug and Gun Charges

Drug Trafficking Conspiracy Indictment Expanded

January 23, 2012

California Man Sentenced for Role in Fairbanks Drug Conspiracy

Real Estate developer charged with fraud and false statements

Superseding Indictment Returned by Federal Grand Jury Against Fairbanks Area Men for Conspiracy to Kill Federal Officers

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Four Defendants on Drug Charges

Bethel Man sentenced to 48 months

January 10, 2012

Fairbanks men Sentenced for Role in Drug Conspiracy

January 5, 2012

Fairbanks Men Sentenced for Role in Drug Conspiracy

January 27, 2012

Nenana man convicted by federal trial jury for fraudulent interstate sales of salmon strips

January 30, 2012

Four anchorage men charged with drug trafficking crimes

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