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Victim Witness Services

The U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona is committed to ensuring that the rights of victims are protected.

Victim/Witness staff is available to help all victims of crimes and to ensure that questions and concerns of victims and witnesses are addressed and promptly answered. There are highlighted links below this paragraph to provide specific information about the Victim Witness Program and information on specific cases. If you were notified of a case by letter to check this section, then your case will have an update provided. Click here to locate case specific, victim notification information.

What if I move? How will I get my money? A major problem with the District Court is that victims of a crime may move or otherwise change addresses and do not inform the Court. If you are owed restitution and you move, it is your responsibility to notify the Court. If you move or change your address, please complete a Change of Address form (PDF) and mail it to the address shown on the form.

Victim Witness Staff

The Victim Witness staff for the District of Arizona are shown below:

Contact: Toll Free Number: (800) 800-2570 | Email:

Shawn Cox, Victim Witness Coordinator (602) 514-7595

Phoenix Office

Mary Williams, Advocate (602) 514-7593

Marlene Beall, Advocate (602) 514-7562

Eydie Robertson, Advocate (602) 514-7653

Todd McKenney, Advocate (602) 514-7576

Amanda Pille, Contract, Assistant (602) 514-7429

Toll Free Number: (800) 800-2570

Fax Number: (602) 514-7650

Tucson Office

Mary-Anne Estrada, Advocate (520) 620-7431

Jovana Uzarraga-Figueroa, Advocate  (520) 620-7381

Jessica Olivas, Advocate (520) 620-7495

Toll Free Number: (888) 565-0631

Fax Number: (520) 620-7320

Flagstaff Office

Lee Mills, Assistant (928) 556-5007

Victim Witness Information Resource Links

Updated January 8, 2015