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General Civil Section

The largest section within the Civil Division is the General Civil section. This section offers broad exposure to civil litigation, both defending the United States and its agencies and agents, and affirmatively pursuing civil remedies on behalf of the government. While each AUSA in the section is assigned a wide variety of cases, many develop expertise in particular areas of law depending upon their interests and the needs of the USAO.

On the defensive side, two primary areas of practice are tort cases, including medical malpractice and air crash cases, and Title VII cases alleging discrimination in hiring and employment practices by agencies of the United States. Other significant areas of practice on the defensive side include immigration, bankruptcy, contract, judicial review of administrative findings, and injunctive proceedings.

On the affirmative side, the division pursues civil rights actions under federal statutes such as the Fair Housing Act; actions to recover costs for fighting wildfires on federal lands; and civil actions to recover damages from mortgage frauds under FIRREA. In addition, section AUSAs handle cases arising in the lands area, including condemnation, ejectment, and quiet title actions. And, section AUSAs handle civil penalty and injunctive relief actions to enforce federal environmental laws.

Updated June 23, 2015