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Executive Division

The Executive Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office consists of the U.S. Attorney, the First Assistant U.S. Attorney, the Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney, the U.S. Attorney’s Executive Assistant and the Public Affairs Officer.  The Division includes the Division and Section Chiefs from other Divisions within the office.  As a group all of the Executive Division, along with the Division and Section Chiefs make up the office’s Management Team.

Management Team

  • Criminal Division Chief Matthew Kirsch
  • *Major Crimes Section Chief Brad Giles
  • *Special Prosecutions Section Chief Judy Smith
  • *Economic Crimes Section Chief Suneeta Hazra
  • *Drug Task Force Section Co-Chiefs Susan "Zeke" Knox and Zachary "Zak" Phillips
  • *Special Projects Chief Stephanie Podolak
  • Civil Division Chief Kevin Traskos
  • *Deputy Civil Division Chief Amy Padden
  • Appellate Division Chief Robert Russel
  • Administrative Division Chief Marilyn Ferguson
Updated July 6, 2015