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Court Schedule

Friday, January 30, 2015


9:30AM Violation of Supervised Release Hearing  | McLaughlin, Courtroom 13A

AUSA RUE – U.S. v. Kevin Preccia

Criminal Number 03-202-2


9:30AM Sentencing  | Smith, Courtroom 4th Floor - Easton

AUSA NAIR – U.S. v. Felicia Straub

Criminal Number 14-390



10:00AM Competency Hearing  | Surrick, Courtroom 8A

AUSA BURNES/COSTELLO – U.S. v. Dorothy June Brown

Criminal Number 12-367

Theft of Government Funds


10:00AM Sentencing  | Pratter, Courtroom 10B

AUSA OSIRIM – U.S. v. Polanco-Ortega

Criminal Number 14-120

Illegal Reentry


1:30PM Sentencing  | Smith, Courtroom Easton (4th Floor)

AUSA WRIGHT – U.S. v. Victor Hugo Armenta-Calzada

Criminal Number 14-439

Re-entry after deportation


2:00PM Sentencing  | Gardner, Courtroom 4B - Allentown

AUSA STEPHAN – U.S. v. Ralph Jay Facenda

Criminal Number 14-033

Child Exploitation


2:00PM Plea and Sentencing Hearing  | Surrick, Courtroom 8A

AUSA SYKES – U.S. v. Kenneth Krall

Criminal Number



2:00PM Modification Hearing  | Jones II, Courtroom 15B

AUSA MORGAN – U.S. v. Oscar Roman

Criminal Number 95-335



2:30PM Change of Plea Hearing  | DuBois, Courtroom 12-B

AUSA Zittlau – U.S. v. Wendell Whitaker

Criminal Number 14-393


Updated January 29, 2015