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Court Schedule

Friday, February 27, 2015


9:30AM Trial  | Jones, II, Courtroom 14A

AUSA Anita Eve – U.S. v. Tanika Little

Criminal Number


Bank Embezzlement/Tax Evasion


10:00AM Trial  | Pratter, Courtroom 10B

AUSA MURRAY – U.S. v. Fred Montano

Criminal Number 13-082

Identity Theft


10:00AM Trial  | Savage, Courtroom 9A

AUSA BOLOGNA – U.S. v. Luis Peralta-Martinez

Criminal Number 14-608



10:00AM Violation of Supervised Release Hearing  | McLaughlin, Courtroom 13A

AUSA Fisk – U.S. v. Lamia Smith

Criminal Number 12-168-2



10:00AM Change of Plea Hearing  | Kelly, Courtroom 11B

AUSA WHITT – U.S. v. William Robinson

Criminal Number 14-455

Hobbs Act Robbery


1:30PM Change of Plea  | Schmehl, Courtroom TBA

AUSA ROTELLA – U.S. v. Lori Hilbourn

Criminal Number 14-447

Child Pornography

Updated February 26, 2015