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Law Clerk Positions


Each summer, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland hires 10-14 law students to serve as volunteer law clerks during the summer in our Baltimore office, which is located across the street from the federal courthouse in downtown Baltimore. The Office will also hire 4-6 volunteer law clerks each summer for our office in Greenbelt, located across the street from the federal courthouse in Greenbelt, Maryland (right outside of Washington, DC).

Fall & Spring Semesters
During the fall and spring school terms, the Office will employ 8-10 law clerks in Baltimore and 2-5 law clerks in Greenbelt. Law clerks serve on a volunteer basis a couple days each week, and the specific schedules are arranged as needed to accommodate individual clerks’ class and extracurricular commitments. At certain schools, students may participate in the clerkship in connection with a course and earn credits toward graduation.

For both summer and semester-term clerks, the legal assignments are highly substantive and often involve research and writing. Specific assignments are distributed based on the interests of the clerks and the needs of the office in an effort to expose each clerk to a variety of substantive matters ranging from health care fraud to gang prosecutions, from motions to suppress evidence to disputes at sentencing.
Clerks in the Baltimore office typically work on both criminal and civil matters, while Greenbelt clerks work exclusively on criminal matters. The office seeks to give all students extensive opportunities to contribute to and observe firsthand depositions, motion hearings, trials, and, on occasion, appellate arguments. Students may be eligible for federal work study programs or for public service grants from their law school.

In addition, the Office organizes a series of programs specifically for the law clerks. These events have included trips to the police firing range to learn firearm safety and practice shooting real weapons, machine guns and sniper rifles. Speakers have included Fourth Circuit Judges Diana Gribbon Motz and Paul V. Niemeyer, District Judge Marvin Garbis, District Judge and former U.S. Attorney Richard Bennett, Magistrate Judge Beth Gesner, and Federal Public Defender James Wyda.


Applicants must be U.S. citizens and must have completed their first year of law school by the time employment commences with the Office. Please note that each student internship is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of a security clearance. No student will be allowed to work in any capacity before his or her security clearance is successfully completed.

Application Deadlines

  • Spring Program (2015): This Office will accept resumes for the Spring Program from September 2 to October 11. Students who are selected must submit a completed security application package by November 1. The program will normally begin in mid-January.
  • Summer Program (2015): This Office will accept resumes for the Summer Program from September 2 until January 17. First year students will not be considered until eligible under NALP’s Principles and Standards. Offers may be extended to students before the end of the application period so it is advisable to apply early. Students who are selected must submit a completed security application package by February 28. The program will normally begin the day after the observance of Memorial Day.
  • Fall Program (2015): This Office will accept resumes for the Fall Program from March 1 to June 28. The program will normally begin on the Monday after Labor Day.

If you would like to participate in our Volunteer Law Clerk Program, please submit, by the applicable deadline, the following: (1) a cover letter indicating whether you are interested in one or both of the offices (Baltimore, Greenbelt, or both); (2) a resume with a current phone number and email address; (3) your most recent unofficial law school transcript, and (4) a writing sample. Your application package may be sent via e-mail or mailed to:

Contact Information

Please e-mail applications to:

Baltimore Contacts: 
AUSA Jason Medinger
AUSA Mushtaq Gunja

Mailing Address: 
U.S. Attorney's Office 
36 S. Charles Street 4th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201 
Telephone: 410-209-4800 
Fax: 410-962-3124

Greenbelt Contact:
AUSA Kristi O’Malley 

Mailing Address:
U.S. Attorney's Office 
6406 Ivy Lane Suite 800 
Greenbelt, MD 20770 
Telephone: 301-344-4433 
Fax: 301-344-4516

Updated January 28, 2015