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Community Outreach

Project Safe childhood Public Outreach
  • Public Presentations in schools, universities, churches, civic organizations and governmental entities
  • One-on-one meetings with District Attorneys General within the Western District of Tennessee
  • Television, newspaper interviews, and published articles

In 1995, the United States Attorney's Office officially adopted Cypress Junior High School as part of the Adopt-a-School Program of the Memphis City Schools. The Adopt-a-School Program seeks to match private businesses, government offices, and nonprofit agencies with schools for the purpose of getting these entities involved in public education by providing a variety of support and auxiliary services; 164 schools have been adopted by more than 630 businesses, offices, and agencies.

In keeping with the office's mission, the employees of the United States Attorney's Office determined to adopt a school in need of another Adopt-a-School partner. Our office looked for a school that might generally be regarded as at higher risk than the norm in hopes that our influence might lead students to be law abiding and productive citizens. With the guidance of Adopt-a-School officials, Cypress Junior High was chosen to become the Adopt-a-School partner with our office. The other adopters of Cypress are the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Springdale Baptist Church.

The Adopt-a-School effort of the United States Attorney's Office is operated strictly on a volunteer basis by employees of the office. The only source of funding needed to produce programs has come from employee contributions. Over the years, the office has tried a number of different ideas designed to promote the goals of the Adopt-a-School Program, which are helping students to be well-rounded individuals and helping students improve academic performance.


Updated March 20, 2015