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Thomas Edward Delahanty, II, District of Maine

Thomas Edward Delahanty, II, U.S. Attorney, District of MaineTom Delahanty is serving as United States Attorney for the District of Maine for the second time. In 1980, he succeeded Senator George Mitchell, who was appointed to the United States District Court. Mr. Delahanty served until August 1981 when he resigned upon the appointment of a new U.S. Attorney by President Reagan. Mr. Delahanty says that “[b]eing United States Attorney thirty years ago was a wonderful experience. After leaving the office, I knew that if the opportunity to return ever presented itself, I would seek it out.”

Mr. Delahanty says that “[t]he mission of the office to prosecute criminals and represent the interests of the people of the United States in a fair and just manner has not changed, but everything else has, mostly due to computers and other technology.”

After serving on the Maine Superior Court for 26 years, he returned as United States Attorney on July 1, 2010.

Mr. Delahanty says that the office is six times larger than it was thirty years ago. “Back then, if we wanted to have a staff meeting, we just went out to lunch together. The whole process of managing the office and prosecuting cases is far more complex, but I am blessed with an outstanding staff. To the extent that we enjoy success, it is due to their expertise and hard work.”

Mr. Delahanty and his wife Ruth have two sons and a granddaughter.

Updated March 3, 2015