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Michael Ormsby, Eastern District of Washington

Michael Ormsby, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of WashingtonMichael C. Ormsby serves as the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington, having been confirmed by the United States Senate on September 30, 2010.  He began service on October 15, 2010. "I love the job, the people, and law enforcement partners we work with," Ormsby said. Under his leadership the United States Attorney’s Office has expanded its focus on prosecuting white collar and economic crimes and has renewed its commitment to improving its working relationship with the Indian Tribes located in the District.

Prior to his appointment as United States Attorney, Ormsby was a partner at K&L Gates, LLP since 1988. He has been involved in a number of community organizations and served on the Spokane Public School Board and the Eastern Washington University Board of Trustees.

Outside of the office, Ormsby is involved in family activities and is a baseball enthusiast, being a part owner of a minor league baseball team.

Ormsby is married to an elementary school teacher.  He is the father of four children and grandfather of two.  He is a lifelong resident of Eastern Washington, receiving his B.A. and J.D. from Gonzaga University.

Updated March 3, 2015